Saturday 3 May 2014

An Ordinary Saturday Morning #BEDM

The prompt today for #BEDM (blog everyday in May) is Weekend Morning Routine.

Well, what can I say, we are slow. I mean like REALLY slow.............

And today, even slower, as Aaron slept at midnight last night!!! Don't go there, don't ask me to revisit it. I'll have nightmares. Just pray for me that he goes to bed earlier tonight!

So today, in my PJs and in Aaron's, we hung out 5 loads of washing, and whilst we did so, we were in the hot sun. The weather's recovered. For any international readers it is the May (1st of two) bank holiday here. We British REJOICE when we get good weather on a bank holiday weekend.

I was a DIY Manager in Homebase from 1996 to 1998 for 2.5 years and I can tell you, bank holidays, when the weather's good are murder. Everyone does DIY then! If you don't, look around you, and you'll find someone doing it.

So it came as NO surprise this morning that our neighbours were putting new fence panels up. It was great as they were right by the washing line, so they chatted to me while they worked AND even made me a latte, in a posh cafe style cup and everything, with one of those posh capsule machines.

But back to our routine. Aaron is going to be 4 in a few weeks, and he still has a morning and evening bottle of (soya) milk, each of which are on my knee, so that is how our morning begins, and gives my coffee chance to kick-in. Now somebody reading this is now judging me on two counts: one because of the bottles and two, due to my needing coffee like a drug. I am with you on both criticisms, but what can I say. I have loads of defences for the bottles, but I am too tired to argue. RE: the coffee, I was a yoga teacher for 6 years, and in the yoga circles for a total of 10. I did MANY a detox during that time, and used to feel all high and mighty when I'd see colleagues NEEDING coffee. Some colleagues wouldn't even have a meeting with you till they'd had one. I was judgemental about it, but it's yet another classic case of "there but for the grace of God go I" - things change. I needed coffee pre and post yoga, and during it too when I wasn't on a detox. IN FACT I went through a phase where I always popped into Starbucks on my way to teach yoga. I know I know I know they don't pay their tax, which is why I am now a Costa Coffee girl ALL THE WAY - a good BRITISH company.

So, yes, our morning begins in PJs, with coffee and bottle. Liquid gold for us both.

Today the PJs stayed on till way passed midday and we were only at the bus-stop to begin our day out at 15:30. Thankfully it WAS still hot and sunny at that point.

This was taken at that very same bus stop as an impatient Aaron waited for the bus to arrive:

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Much love, Liska xxx


  1. What can I tell you, we didn't get dressed all day today. We don't often do it but we weren't going out anywhere (too hot) and no one was coming to us so we just chilled in our pjs all day.

  2. All I heard there was that you have sunshine... We don't. :)

  3. Sounds like the perfect way to start a day to me ;) X


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