Friday 2 May 2014

Getting Your Validation Online

Going online is a bit like going shopping, except what's for sale is 
  • validation.
  • confidence.
  • company.
  • friendship.
  • support.
As for the validation bit, I think the yanks (is that word still used sorry? I am a babe of the 1970s) are better at admitting that they require it. The only British person I have ever seen admitting it is Jo at Slummy Single Mummy (see the final sentence). Our British stiff upper lip, sees us riding high when we're getting some, and finding other reasons why we're a bit out of sorts, when we're not.

I think  the world would be a healthier place if we admitted our needs, wants and desires straight up. Stop hiding your needs under huffs and puffs. Oh and Twitter huffs and puffs, don't get me started.

I've had a validation deficit or shortfall for a few days now, and I have decided to call it the blogging wobble. Over the years that I have blogged, I have witnessed several bloggers go through the blogger wobble.

In recent days, whilst I have gone through the blogger wobble, pretty awesome things have happened in my personal life, but the sound of the joy wasn't loud enough to drown out the sighs. The lightness of the good energy was not light enough to transcend the weightiness and heaviness of the grunge I'd energetically surrounded myself with. It's not right really, as those you live with have to put up with it, when they can see all is well around you, they just can't see inside your head (or your computer).

I recently had 25 days offline, and I can confess I was happier. I am also ashamed to admit, Aaron was happier. I don't like having my ego resting on a tightrope of internet connections/stats. I didn't want to write this post till I got to the bottom of what's eating me, but I've decided in the spirit of #BEDM to just blog my way through it and out the other side of it.

One of the highs of late, was, my son, last night learned to ride a bike, in less than an hour, on his first outing on it. The joy and pride that I felt, didn't permeate my sad body. My husband said it's an ego thing, and while I don't 100% agree, I am still dancing to the blogger wobble dance.

For the past 3 days, as I've pondered these needy thoughts, I've hummed this toon in my head. Obviously I have changed the words, but I won't bore you with that - for now:

Come on everybody
Do the blogging wobble and it goes like this.
Let's twist again like we did last Summer......

Anyway on two brighter notes, this is the bike riding/learning footage. How Daddy taught and filmed at the same time is beyond me. I would have been bricking it trying to mind my Aaron, but they both returned home, in the dusk, pre-night, happy boys last night and I have this to nurse my wounds. The high notes of happiness mixed with the low insular ones.

Yes I know the font is too large to be fully read, but don't let me think about that, or else I will bemoan the fact that PC World did not fix my Apple MacBook so I cannot currently use imovie like I should be able to....

Anyway, bye for now

Liska xx

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  1. My lovely i think its more than just being a blogger i think through life we wobble at times its just more glaringly obvious if you tend to live your life like an open book for all to see. x

    I am wobbling with you my lovely .. till we feel better

  2. I am in agreement with Jaime actually; life in general has it's wobbles but us bloggers and social media addicts are more open and we source inspiration for our posts from our lives. I feel it a bit too. x

  3. I'm sorry you're going through this Liska. I think it's good to have a rest now and then. I find being on line interesting but have to close my laptop or would never the leave the house and the more time you spend in 'Real Life' then the more you want of it. I enjoyed my month's break and have come back completely refreshed, but allowed myself to not come back at all if I didn't want to. Before very long Aaron will be going to school, he won't need your company and that's when you'll want to give it to him. Perhaps that's something to do with your present sorrow? xxx

  4. I would be more inclined to say the opposite at the moment. I started my blog over two years ago. In the month of April this year I made more posts that I have in the entire time I've had it... because I'm having a wobble. But its nice to wobble with others that at some time have felt the same way xx

  5. I'm having one big bloody inner wobble right now, and have just left my blogging one by going back to basics and stopping the comparing thing. I hope you feel brighter soon lovely and well done Aaron on his new bike that is wonderful x

  6. We all have wobbles in our blogging life. I was tempted to delete my blog a few weeks ago. I think sometimes we need a social media break. What a great achievement of your son learning to ride a bike, wonderful.

    Let's all wobble together xx


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