Monday 2 June 2014

A Change Soon Come

Early to bed early to rise
Makes a man healthy wealthy and wise

Well as we are late to bed and late to rise
I guess that's why my life is in demise

Well I've worked it out; a change soon come
To decide and realise means I've begun

The body is no longer worthy of it's owner
The mind's just become in a rut; a groaner

The potential God intended a little off course
My destiny unfulfilled filling me with remorse

This is one of those poems I write real quick
Only 8 minutes often does the trick

They only work when the thoughts are inside

Not frequent don't worry no need to subscribe

I'm tidy I'm messy I'm fat I'm slim
I'm the lady inside but outside I'm grim

God built the inside with love; a Princess indeed
But I let the maintenance drift in exchange for greed

Greed for sleep greed for coffee greed for more more more
Health has suffered vitality gone chore chore chore

Where there should be smiles and sunshine
All I feel is pain.

The body needs an MOT
Before I'll feel right again

The penny's dropped it can't continue
Life won't wait for me

The bus is leaving it's time to board
And it's called VITALITY


  1. Oh Lis, I am sorry you feel so rotten, you are a lovely lady and I hope you feel better soon. x

  2. Another excellent poem. One day, you'll get to grips with your body in the same way. When it's time... Much love xxx


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