Wednesday 2 July 2014

A Perfect Summer Evening Activity: Cycling

Yesterday, nursery had been done, pickup on my bike and his done, bikes in the shed, dinner eaten... I thought we were in for the night, and that was us nearly ready for bed...... until Aaron announced he wanted to go for a cycle ride. Who was I to say no.

I was very frustrated at having to get the bikes back out, but soon captured my sense of fun and adventure and lead the way.

We very soon found a BMX track and could not have been happier. This was us when we had no clue where we were going:
As you can see from the clear blue sky it wasn't really an evening to be watching TV, so I am glad we took for the hills! You'll see what I mean by hills shortly...

Watch this:

I think the video says it all. Suffice to say, when he asked to go for a bike ride I am so glad that I said YES!
So proud of him! He couldn't do it at all when we first arrived at the track, but he GOT IT on his 2nd attempt. Then it was time for me to be brave (I don't even do rollercoasters) and I got it too. You have to cycle hard on the approach and then let yourself drop the other side of the bump.

I've turned into a bit of a scaredy cat, but I got there in the end and just like my boy had a lot of fun (and exercise).



  1. Aww, his little face in that last picture! That is cute!

    1. ah thanks for visiting and commenting darling x
      I got that shot on zoom, cos clearly he would be cycling right into me otherwise x

  2. Ohh good for you, often good to change the norm and say yes and just go for it. Mich x


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