Monday 21 July 2014

Play Online Bingo Today

I "suffer" from something called Beginner's Luck. Literally every time I do something for the first time I WIN!

As a child, first game of Monopoly, I won! First game of Game of Life, I won! Now you could say, the adults were seeing that I was new to a game and letting me win, but no, the adults/friends in my life were quite competitive so that was not it.

Add to that the fact that the first time I had a bet, I won too! My step-Dad was betting on the horses, and I went with him. I did a Yankee. It involved betting on 4 or 5 horses. It's like an accumulator isn't it? Or something like that. Well anyway, I only put on a pound and I won 47 pounds, so you can see how good the odds were!

I never ever bet on a horse again, as I am not a gambler and beginner's luck, by its very definition only works the once right?

One thing I have never thrown my hand to is online bingo and I keep meaning to.

Just had a watch of this:

And I am thinking I might pop my online bingo cherry with As you can see they are offering 20 pounds free for new players, subject to terms and conditions (see site). You have to create an account and deposit and play five pounds in order to qualify.

The husband heard me saying to his Mum today, that whenever I pray, I get what I asked for, so he said I should play for a lottery win. I said to him I don't believe it's our destiny to win the lottery - I honestly believe that, but look at the good luck of these folks:

This post was brought to you by Paddy Power, but all wording is my own. I honestly am yet to try online bingo, but will be giving it a go in the very near future.

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