Thursday 17 July 2014

The Pain Of Gout and Trying to Convince the Doc

The pain when waking
Too sore to walk it's true
To see the Doctor later today
That's what I will do

But disbelieve me, yes they will
Misdiagnose give me a pill

I've told them what I know it is
But on the phone they got me in a tis

Plantar fasciitis yeah I hear ya
Doesn't mean I must believe ya.

I've got gout I know I do
Sugar, meat, alcohol, boo!

So when it comes to 4 o'clock
Perhaps listen, PLEASE Doc.

For you to believe the load I bear
Would show me that perhaps you care

I'd like to get a little help
The pain, it often makes me yelp.

I worked in shoes, I've done my dues.

Foot ailments, I know it all

So please Doc, when I see you later
For my needs and pain, please cater.

Original work 17th July 2014 New Mum Online

Prose for Thought


  1. I believe you, i've got arthritis it took 18 months to get diagnosed. good luck x


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