Sunday 13 July 2014

Tidy and Clean Equals Calm and Serene

The Full Moon made me want to clean everything in sight, but particularly the corners that stress me out. They stop me being radiant as they are in my eyeline - no escaping them (as with other corners)..

So yesterday I stayed in PJs all day and dealt with *some* of my clutter. A lot of it just needed homing - you know "everything has a place and everything in its place"!

The kitchen is transformed and is as beneficial as any meditation could ever be.

My Mum spent 20 years trying to drill into me that cleanliness was close to Godliness (without using those exact words) and Mum, guess what I've finally got it!

So here's my before and after shots:

The "Gods" blessed me with two rewards for my efforts

1) I found that JADE pictured above which is simply beautiful and
2) I found a half onion, that "spoke to me" as follows - I know I am getting like Prince Charles speaking to the plants but I don't mean literally. Look:

So now, I just need to build on it and do MORE.......

I hope this Full Moon brings transformation for us all. After a heavy couple of years astrologically, we are now coming out of a dark tunnel into the light.

I can feel it I hope you can too.

Much love, Liska xx


  1. I too need to clean and tidy my home in order to feel positive in any way. I love your inspirational posts. I'm also hoping for a change in fortunes after an ok 2 years but not great.

  2. I love the onion analogy. Tell me, are you still using flylady? I have been thinking about reviving her, I made my own version of her, but I am losing will power!

  3. I feel we are on the edge of a breakthrough too :)


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