Friday 11 July 2014

When I am not Here I am There

I am currently readdressing my blog-life balance, so when you can't find me here, there are now other places you can find me.

Recently I have:

All of a sudden got active on Instagram and I finally understand what the fuss is all about - it means you can instantly see what we're up to: NewMumOnline. Thankfully I now have a phone that can cope with running Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Instagram, which has only been the case since April.

I even set myself up on Primark's Primania but have yet to do much with it. Click on the heart to Give me Some Primarks :-)

You can show me some love by liking or subscribing over on my You Tube Channel: NewMumOnline. LOTS of new content over there just waiting to be watched.

I wrote for Wilko's Blog for the last May bank holiday weekend: Bank Holiday Fun With The Kids. It mentioned me painting the shed and treating the patio... ooops neither of those things have been done yet.

Finally, due to the spiritual acid bath I have put myself through, during the last 2 years, I am now finally getting some clarity. Enough, that I was able to literally connect with the divine, at BritMums Live of all places. Yes indeed, and I wrote about it here: Summer Solstice and Sisterhood of The Rose

Most importantly, I have today felt up to writing on Conscious Mum once again, so I had a dabble with a brief post today: Enjoy The Journey and Not The Destination

I think that's enough for now. I have a small boy that I will collect from nursery in 90 minutes and have a meal I need to cook for him now, as he always arrives home ravenous.

Oh that brings me onto another thing. If you have a fussy toddler/pre-schooler who doesn't like to SEE lumps and bumps in their food, you might like to see what I did about that: Spag Bol without the Lumps

Oh and if you don't want to do THIS:
“Resistance, denial, impatience, martyrdom, anger, blame, doubt, judgment (self and others), stubbornness, and despair, are all part of the minefield of reactions that will put you into a negative spiral and cut you off from the potential positive outcome.

Then read this: Mystic Mamma: July. The Unfolding.

Bye for now, Liska xx

P.S. If you want to forget about the daily grind, WATCH THIS:

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  1. OMG that video is AWESOME. There's so much in this post - am so glad you're working out what you don't want and thereby finding what you do. It sounds and feels like your time and you're definitely coming into your power! Great stuff :) x


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