Thursday 14 August 2014

Goodbye Cousins Hello Lollibop

Today Aaron's 3 cousins will have been staying with us for 11 days. He will be devastated that they are going home, BUT all is not lost, as two of them will come to Lollibop with us and the timing could literally NOT be better. He says goodbye to the cousin holiday and then hello the very next day to Lollibop. He literally hasn't stopped talking about it since last year (my Lollibop 2013 review is here) so he is not even focusing on their holiday coming to an end, but rather on the fact that Lollibop is imminent. Like the European Yoga Festival used to be the highlight of MY year pre-Motherhood it seems that Lollibop (and his birthday and Xmas) is now the highlight of his!

A few months ago when I told him it was Summer, the FIRST thing he said to me was "does that mean we are going to Lollibop?" - so cute! I am so happy for him his long wait is over. Bless him!

He has looked at the programme with me so is now telling me, that Thomas will be there (I am not sure in what capacity). Actually scrap that, I found the information RE: Thomas and Friends on the Lollibop website so am clued up now.

He's also really looking forward to seeing Titan!

His favourite thing by far last year was Little Tikes so I am glad that they are to be there again.

I am over the moon that there is to be a Pom Bear picnic area as (1) they are our favourite crisps and (2) we ARE planning on bringing a picnic in my gorgeous wicker hamper basket. We've used it every day during the cousins' holiday and they have specifically requested already that I take it to Lollibop.

Last year he spent a lot of time in the Lego area:

The hoodie he is wearing above is because it was windy and rained the day we went last year. I am so pleased it is predicted to be sunny/dry all day this time. What was odd though, was after that Autumnal weather we got a late second (August) heatwave, and the paddling pool that I have stored away came back out. I hope it happens again. Too much rain of late!

What amazed me the MOST last year was that he saw the above "Jake lego boat" at Lollibop last year, and asked me for it. I said "for Xmas" and every day from that to December he kept saying that Santa was bringing him a Jake Lego Boat. Given the amount of TV he watches and the number of toy adverts he thus sees I thought he would change his mind in four months, but no, he stayed steadfast, and I (on behalf of Santa) did get him the whole set. Daddy added lots of other things like a Spiderman costume etc... but he was happy.

I wonder what will be the most memorable aspects of THIS Lollibop. No doubt with his cousins with him, he will have a ball. My niece is already looking forward to the dance area: Baby Ballet.

I love that it is in a better venue this year: Hatfield House (it looks BEAUTIFUL), and that the prices are more reasonable. 20 pounds a head, whereas last year it would have been 115 for just Daddy, me and Aaron to attend. It's great that our feedback on last year's venue was considered and acted upon - I love a company that listens to its customers!

It's now 2:45 a.m. so if I have any hope of being rested in time for the excitement that is Lollibop I best get myself to bed.

Disclosure: I will be reviewing Lollibop 2014 and therefore have been issued wristbands gratis.

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  1. Have a fab time! Sounds like you are already going to enjoy it though! Aaron is too too cute.


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