Tuesday 16 September 2014

A Whole New Pizza Hut - Our Saturday Night

I must admit Pizza Hut was a big part of my life in the 1970s and 80s, maybe even 1990s but I can't remember.

I'd never come out of the cinema without going there after. Whichever decade it is I am remembering, Deep Pan was the thing. Everyone who was anyone ate deep pan. I remember seeing the Rocky movies and going to Pizza Hut in Wood Green afterwards. It was always hard choosing between pizza, pasta and salad so I always remember eating all three.

I have just done a little research on their site and it would seem that they came to the UK in 1973, and their first branch was in Islington, so no wonder I have such an affinity with them, being that I hail from North London and was born that year - check out the details on their page: Pizza Hut UK About Us.

In recent years I went all thin and crispy (if only). Rather my pizzas did, and I went over to the competition.

I made a return to good old Pizza Hut for the purposes of this review, and here Dear Reader I will tell you why you should too...
Acidic food currently drives my plantar fasciitis bonkers so I opted for the Heavenly Veg. It clearly was heavenly as no pain spike ensued. I LOVE me a bit of rocket and goat's cheese.
Heavenly Veg Pizza Hut Pizza with melted goat's cheese, black olives, cherry tomatoes, sweet caramelised onions and fresh rocket
You'll remember the days when the salad bar was only included at times when you couldn't go, or wasn't even open all of the time, well things are great now:
So, reasons I think you should go:
  • The soft drinks are unlimited.
  • The Ice Cream Factory fab and unlimited.
  • The salad bar is full, varied, tasty and unlimited.
  • The starters are SUPERB quality.
  • The service and atmosphere is warm, friendly and relaxed.
  • They have a layout that accommodates families as do the prices.
  • The price is great: we came in at 48 pounds for a family of 3.
  • If it's years since you've been (like me) you'll see that the pizzas themselves have come a long way. In terms of the ingredients, the taste and the range.
  • I love that you can choose your crust. The husband and I both opted for the stuffed crust and I am so glad I did, as it is finished with garlic and herb butter (on the outside) and is superb. Aaron got a piece of French Bread style garlic bread with his kid's meal, and wasn't satisfied so I had to order him another. While waiting for his second piece to arrive I ripped off the crust of my pizza and he ended up eating LOADS of that, as it's as good as garlic bread if not better!
I would go again, most certainly, without hesitating.

The starters were way above my expectations. The cheese is melted and stretches as you break it open. Mouth watering without being greasy. The husband's chicken was so tasty that Aaron and I grabbed one each, and again not at all greasy. They've surpassed themselves with those great starters. 

The starters meant we both had some pizza to take home in a takeaway pizza box, which actually made me chuckle as it said on the box: "Does my crust look big in this" *chortles*...

Aaron loved decorating his ice cream and mine, but then didn't want to eat it, so I had great fun ordering extra Pepsi (Pepsi was my THANG in the 80s, and as you know, at Pizza Hut is *unlimited*) so that I could make a Cola Float. After eating MY ice cream, as I wasn't going to let those smarties and delicious jelly babies go to waste (well after Instagramming them that is).
Clearly my followers love sweeties too, as that ice cream photo covered in sweets was quite popular on my Instagram feed on Saturday night. Clearly people out there with a sweet tooth.
Back to the Ice Cream or Cola Float. My cola float took me right back to the 80s.

I embarassed Daddy somewhat though, as did you know how much it fizzes and overflows??!?! No I hadn't remembered either - yummy though!

Overall I would say Pizza Hut offers the perfect night out for families - I was thoroughly impressed. 
Family meal out at Pizza Hut UK
I want to remain honest with my readers and no doubt you want to know if I had any criticisms. Honestly? I could not fault the layout, the staff, the restaurant or the food. We even left a large tip. 

They made a mistake with our main meal order and rectified it in a way that was above our expectations and they did not know I was reviewing at that point. 

My only criticism would be that although Aaron was VERY excited by the Ice Cream Factory and operated the whipped ice cream himself with my help and decorated the ice cream with sweets, he didn't want to eat it. When I asked him why, he said he didn't like the ice cream or the chocolate buttons. I ate BOTH and didn't find a problem with either of them. I don't know is he too used to Cadbury's and could tell this wasn't, or what? Daddy asked him if he would have preferred the ice cream in a cone, to which he said yes. But there you have it folks, my problems were no bigger than a fussy 4 year old.

If you would like to get a feel for Pizza Hut, then here's a video just for that purpose. Let me share our Saturday Family Meal Night Out with you:

I have a GIVEAWAY to add to this post...

This has now been added here: Enjoy the Great Outdoors Autumn is delayed.

Liska xxx

Disclosure: I was given a Pizza Hut voucher in order to facilitate this post and share my thoughts with you. We had a budget of 50 pounds and only spent 48, so I was pleasantly surprised by that, for all that we got!


  1. This really does bring back memories - I haven't been for years, but you have made it sound extremely tempting!

  2. We enjoy pizza hut for a family meal every now and again - the unlimited free salad is fabulous.

  3. Pizza Hut is great for kids, I am never concerned about disrupting anyone if Baby kicks off, as it is full of kids x

  4. One of my favourite places ever back in the day. My kids used to love the ice cream factory xxx

  5. Mmmm I love goats cheese. I didn't think they'd do anything like that...and the salad buffet looks great too.

  6. Pizza Hut is perfect for families - my kids love to go there especially the ice cream! x

  7. we haven't been to PIzza Hut for years! Looks like it's still delicious

  8. My daughter's friends like to go to the local one for birthday meals and they really treat them well.

  9. Must revisit a Pizza Hut soon - I'd forgotten about the huge salad bars!

  10. We love Pizza Hut and is a regular eating out place for us. Looks like you had a great time

  11. We often visit Pizza Hut as it is perfect for the kids and we love a good pizza too!

  12. It has been far too long since we last visited Pizza Hut. We really ought to visit soon, as J would love it.

  13. Sounds delicious - I do love an unlimited salad bar...

  14. Loved the ice-cream dessert! It shows that your son enjoyed the visit. Seems like a really good place to go with family!

  15. I think that Pizza hut is great for families! What a great post

  16. I'm starving right now and all I want to do is go to Pizza Hut!! I'm practically salivating reading this!! Haven't been to pizza hut for ages, must go again, very soon. Fab review xx

    1. That's lovely of you to say. Thanks so much - hope you get some good calories in your tummy tum tum soon x

  17. I don't think I've ever been to a pizza hut but I want to go now! Unlimited drinks, salad and ice cream sounds brilliant! :)


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