Tuesday 30 September 2014

Pop Goes Your Name Personalised Pop Music CD REVIEW

We are no strangers to personalised music CDs for Aaron. I bought one for him at the London Baby Show when he was still a bump. We were able to because we named him the same day as our 20 week scan, once we knew he was a boy.

I played it so much before and after he was born, that even now, if my husband hears it, he will stop whatever he's doing and go all glass eyed and nostalgic. We LOVED it and played it a lot, but it was for the younger child despite its label of 0-7.

I used to teach yoga EVERY Friday night and when I was pregnant Daddy didn't like the thought of me travelling on London Underground home alone, so he'd always meet me outside in the car. Daddy likes to play music in the car, and I'd always sing along to the bump. I'd always say the baby was enjoying "Daddy Disco" and it became our routine.

Well, now that Aaron's in that same car as a boy in a car seat, he really bops along to Daddy's music, to the point where you can't speak if a really good track is on, and he will bop his head, and often even close his eyes. A real rocker!!! So, yes, he's kind of outgrown the nursery rhyme type of music, although not altogether.

So when this turned up in the post for review:
Pop Goes Your Name Personalised Pop Music CD review
I was OVER THE MOON when it was PROPER music (apart from one "noisy farm" song which I'll forgive them for as it's great too).

The founders are correct about even adults toe tapping along, as I've even played it when Aaron is at school, on more than one occasion too, including today!

From the minute it went in the CD player Aaron's loved it. I really do believe that children love things that remind them of their time in the womb, and Aaron was subjected to a lot of great music. This CD makes the grade.

The packaging is very gender neutral and I believe girls and boys would equally both love this.

As it's been probably over a year since we've played our only other personalised CD, he's not used to hearing his name like that, so he BEAMED when he heard it. Was a joy to see.
So, if you were me there'd only be FOUR things you'd want to know now.

1) How much is it? 
Well it is a very reasonable 12.99 GBP

2) I'd like to hear a sample of each toon!
You can do so on this You Tube video I've helpfully recorded, uploaded and published for you, below. My pleasure ;-)

3) Where can I order one myself?

4) So who started the company? What are they about?
See below:

A musical mum and dad in St Albans have created an album of pop music for young children. On an album of 12 songs, they recorded hundreds of different names to create a very special personalised gift for babies, toddlers and kids.

Lucy & Richard Patterson were inspired to write children’s songs after starting their own family. The album began life as songs sung to their first-born Noah & due to his very positive critical response they then went on to record & make “The Noah Album”. It then became a lifesaver for long car journeys & the soundtrack to many nappy changes, mealtimes, bathtimes & bedtimes. 

After requests for personalised versions from friends and family, they decided to expand their name coverage to the top UK names. The project grew to involve a team of musicians, vocalists & also a design company, all based within or around St Albans.

The POP Goes Your Name album is a collection of fun & upbeat songs, each written for your someone special. 

Children can experience a selection of musical styles, with catchy melodies & sing-along lyrics whilst hearing their own name sung back to them. The songs have been written for children in their early years. From ‘Noisy Farm’ to ‘Rock it Out’, the songs are full of themes & sounds that children can recognize & understand & are guaranteed to get Mum & Dad’s feet tapping too!

Lucy and Richard first met at music college in London & are both working musicians & music teachers. They have toured & also had recording & publishing contracts with various projects over the years. They decided to move back to Lucy’s native Hertfordshire where there is a very vibrant community of top musicians & a great live music scene. Other musicians on the Pop Goes Your Name album have toured with chart topping artists & appeared in West End productions.

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary copy for review purposes. Apart from the "about us" section above, all words and opinions are my own.

My Aaron does dance to all of the songs :-) I think the CD definitely gets 5 stars from him

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  1. That looks brill - can't believe how much Aaron is rocking those tunes! He loves it and I think mine will :) xx


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