Thursday 9 October 2014

Getting Ready for School... it's Been a Triumph a Complete #NiggleFix

I had a huge NIGGLE all Summer and it was "HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET UP EARLY FOR SCHOOL?". It played like a soundtrack in my mind ALL Summer.

Every week, I thought, this will be the week we start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier but it just never happened. August was going to be our month, but it started with the nieces and nephew here for 11 days, and the evenings were long and the mornings were late. It ended with Aaron having Dehli belly for 6 days at the end of August, followed by my best friend, her husband and son being here for 4 days. August was NOT the month to start new routines. The odds, and circumstances were stacked against us.

The week before school began,  I said to my Mum "the first two weeks are half days" "a week of mornings, a week of afternoons". Imagine my relief when I dug out the letter to read it out to her, and realised that it was the week of afternoons FIRST. We had a stay of execution for a whole week.... well, 3 days really, given that he started on a Wednesday, but trust me, it felt like a week.

When it came to the dreaded Sunday, where he'd get up early on the Monday, he went to sleep LATE, very very late. But he got up easily in the morning, and then early nights followed, naturally, as a result of the tiredness that ensued.

Apart from the fact that the alarm goes off at 07:10 and we're not really human till 07:50, (Daddy's learned to avoid us till we've properly woken up, i.e. I have consumed my coffee) everything is fine. On a good night he's asleep by 20:30 and on a bad night 21:30. It is marginally easier getting him up when he has slept at 20:30. So far I haven't enforced early nights on Friday and Saturday so that's more like 22:30 (I know I know) but it means we do lie in till about 09:30 on Saturday and Sunday which is BLISS!!!

Triumph (bras) are running a #NiggleFix campaign, with fabulous illustrations. Just check out the hashtag on Instagram and you will see the pictures an artist has done (examples below). So I have fixed my niggle (worry) about getting up early, pretty easily and without event.

The other NIGGLE, is the things that can go wrong in the morning and these are numerous. Let me detail just some of the ones we have encountered (those that I can remember that is):
  • Not being able to find school shoes in the morning (this can delay us as much as 5 minutes).
  • Daddy going to work with our bicycle lock in the boot of his car (this was too high on the apoplectic monitor to be merely a niggle LOL).
  • The grill being dirty in the morning and me having to wash it BEFORE I have consumed coffee so that I can grill our toast (our toaster has been broken a few weeks and THAT in itself niggles me every day)!
  • Not being able to find any elements of Aaron's uniform, and that includes his book bag.
  • Trying to get Aaron to stop playing with something, or stop watching something, when we need to get out the door. From me asking him, to him leaving is probably at worst 90 seconds, but in that time I will have said something possibly 10 times. Yep, you wouldn't want to record me in the morning. Thankfully there are only about 2 trigger points in the morning. The stress when I try to dress him and the stress when I try to get him out the door. He's quite good with both, I just need to breathe a bit more and shut my trap LOL.
  • Discovering that although I THOUGHT I had washed all items of uniform, I have done all of the "darks" (Mummy's Daddy's and Aaron's) but not the whites. This has meant that on two occasions he has gone to school without a white collar protruding from his sweater - not a mistake I thought I would ever make, but it takes a while to do the school routine in your sleep ;-)
But what have I found to be the #NiggleFix for ALL of this.... well it's been relatively easy. (1) I set the alarm for 07:10 even though we don't have to leave until 08:30. (2) I start asking him to leave at 08:20 so that we DO actually leave at 08:30. Remember, this for us is necessary as we have bikes to get out of the shed etc... On days when he marches to my tune, we can be down the road at the lights, waiting to cross at 08:30. On not so great days, we are leaving here at 08:30. TODAY, (ironically given that I am writing this post) is the only day we have been late since 3rd September. 

I am INCREDIBLY proud of us for that. Incredibly proud. We've adapted to our new routine, and my little boy ADORES school. He loves his teacher AND his teacher's assistant. My only remaining niggle now, is that I can't go to bed early! I was watching Dallas on Channel 5 at midnight last night. I know what the #NiggleFix for THAT is - I just need to have NO caffeine after lunch time. My night time cup of tea (in a HUGE mug with two tea bags) is the cause of my wide awakeness (I know it is not a word, but humour me) late at night despite my early rise.

Back to the subject of this post. Triumph. Well our mornings HAVE indeed been a triumph! 

I went to try on one of their new bras at a consumer event a few weeks ago. I can't say it was a blogger event, as it was open to customers too.

One of the biggest niggles women suffer is their underwired bra digging into them.

Triumph have solved this and provided the ultimate #NiggleFix by making an under wire that is silicone, and therefore incredibly comfortable.

It is called Magic Wire. Watch their snazzy video here:

I can't wait to receive my bra. Writing this post might help fix THAT Niggle hey ;-)

Here's some pics from the event I went to, where I consumed some fizzy in the middle of a school day (I was very jolly at the school gates at 15:15 that day) and had an amazing lingerie fitting with John Lewis.
Did you know John Lewis do bra fittings? No, neither did I AND you don't need an appointment. I have lost a lot of weight in the last few weeks so I have gone from a 38 to a 36 :-)

The lady who fitted me had the patience of a Saint. Get yourself off to John Lewis if you think your size/shape has changed!                             


Disclosure: the only incentive I have received for writing this post is bubbly in the middle of the afternoon at a consumer event and the possibility that this post may see me get a Magic Wire in the post, in accordance with the size that the lovely John Lewis lingerie lady found me to be. Here's hoping I get something to secure my puppies ;-) For the last few months I have been wearing Primark bras and I cannot tell you how MUCH MORE support I felt in John Lewis when trying on PROPER Triumph bras. So let's hope Mr Postman makes an appearance soon!

Mr Postman won't you see, if there's a bra in the post for me *sings*

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  1. I love those niggles and am glad you're getting to grips with your new school life. What about buying youselves a toaster ;) XX


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