Tuesday 25 November 2014

Hungry As a Horse After School

There'll always be things you aren't warned about, including when your child starts school.

Nobody ever told me how hungry kids are when they get out of school. Maybe it's not everyone and is just my Aaron?

So hungry, that I have to arrive at school WITH FOOD. We're talking proper food, like a sandwich or:

So today, before my #SchoolPedal I made potato waffles on the grill and arrived with those. He ate THREE. We cycle home and he literally will not get on his bike until he eats, and yes, before you ask, he eats dinner too. That's in addition to a snack in front of the TV on arrival home, if dinner is coming later. Sometimes it comes immediately, if I have had time to spend from 1400 to 1500 cooking.

So, yes, I know when we get pregnant we say "nobody told me about THIS" and same, when we have our babies. There's always something we never knew would happen. I think for me it was the lack of sleep in the first few weeks, the difficulty with breast feeding and how PND can totally take you unawares.

So tell me, do you too have to arrive at school with food? I was chatting to Anya yesterday and I know she too experiences this, with her two boys, who, like Aaron, must have hollow legs.

We've been cycling in all weathers recently, and thanks to our lovely Dickies waterproofs, and now the 99p gloves I bought Aaron, he does the school run without batting an eyelid.

So proud of my little 4 year old wee man, cycling to and from school. A real little trouper. I'm uploading a below par photo for now, as my little trouper right this very minute wants to take my computer to play games on Nick Junior and you know what, I am going to let him, as funnily enough I need to go and make dinner ;-) Today just flew, as I had a 2 hour PTA meeting in the morning and then what with buying his gloves etc... the day ran away from me. Jack Frost made his presence known from yesterday morning onwards and I couldn't find last year's gloves. This and yesterday morning our lawn was literally white with frost. It wasn't snow, but nearly as pretty. Looked quite magical. Anyway bye, the cooker is calling me.



  1. My girls make it home without a snack but need one when they get in. I thought they weren't eating lunch at school at one point but they were.....They're just big eaters....hehehe x

  2. N's like this after nursery. At day nursery he'll have 2 helpings of a hot tea at 5pm, then he'll get home and ask for food - usually eating with his dad. After nursery school at 3pm, he'll finish anything left in his lunchbox, or get snacks. I swear, by the time he's a teen, he'll be eating us out of house and home.

    Maybe Aaron's stocking up before his biking, and using the food as fuel. I guess they don't have snacks in the afternoon at school either? Big wait from lunch until tea (I'm a total grazer, so know where he's coming from).

  3. Haha midge comes in demanding snacks I sometimes turn up with s treat after school and if I don't it's hungry moans all the way home! I'm guessing not only is he a growing boy your A is doing a great amount of exercise so he's orobavky burning calories at speed! Xx


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