Saturday 15 November 2014

Our Card Factory Elf #ElfTedOnTheBed

Last year I watched all of the Elf shennanigans with interest, but it was too late to buy one, and they were over priced anyway. So this year I was better prepared and asked around about cheap ones. Jada kindly told me about the Card Factory ones. They're only 1.99 GBP each. Much nicer than the official one too. That one would give me nightmares.

I couldn't get to Card Factory at the time so got husband to buy me these. Since then, I have been myself and got two more, so we're all prepared for Christmas now.

I don't want to assume that I can call this Elf on the Shelf, as that is no doubt trademarked. So our advent shennanigans will be with the hashtag

#ElfTedOnTheBed as he is fluffy and a wee bit like a small teddy.

It'll be lots of fun for Aaron and I, and if you are going the Card Factory Elf route too, then feel free to join in. All the fun will begin on 1st December, and between now and then we need to get a door!

See you on the other side :-)

He's already getting busy even though it's not even 1st December yet:
Our Card Factory Elf and Eric Carle Advent Calendar

Liska x


  1. Oh they are much nicer!!

    I have a series of poems entitled "Advent at the North Pole" I wrote years ago. I recorded them and put on YouTube and tried to.make.printable versions last year but was too ill and got behind, but I must link to them again... O and I will be reading them this year... One poem each day about the preparations at the North Pole :)

  2. Cute! I want an elf on the shelf as a decoration this year! Might knit one actually!

  3. Oh they are really sweet and it's great idea! I shall look forward to your stories :) x

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