Tuesday 20 January 2015

A House in The Country or NOT as The Case May Be

I thought I liked the countryside. I do like the countryside.... but I couldn't help but have an extra spring in my step when we swapped a remote boutique hotel in Scarborough for an inner-city streetside one in York, on our family staycation weekend "ooop Norf" at the end of November. I think within the country me (who spent ALL her Summer holidays on the west coast of Ireland) is perhaps, as loathe as I am to admit it, a city girl at heart.

So when I received an email from Snaptrip with this property in Suffolk, the first thing I noticed was that it is on a terraced street "an attractive period cottage situated in a pretty street just a few minutes walk from Woodbridge's Market Hill and town centre".

Intrigued by this impressive suburban "cottage" I was intrigued to delve deeper and went to the top deals section of their website, where I was stopped in my tracks by this Whitby rooftop view:
I was slowly but surely coming to understand that Snaptrip may offer something rather different, to my image of a rental cottage (something that sleeps 6-12 people with acres of land around it and only country walks on offer, weather permitting). Cottages are not something I think of when I think City Break.

The clear "key" you see above shows you at a glance:
  • how many bedrooms there are 
  • how many people it sleeps
  • whether pets are allowed
  • whether there is Wifi; and finally
  • review comments, if there are any (the ones I have read are glowing)
There's an exceptional 42% discount on this beautiful cottage in Norfolk:
You'd be forgiven for thinking that the homepage looks like this, and offers nothing more than a search tool, as I did:
that is not the full story and that is not the only thing on offer from their homepage. In fact if you scroll down, you can pick which region you would like to peruse! Although of course, just looking at the "top deals" is good too, but for sure, sometimes it is a particular destination or part of the country you'd like to visit, like for example The Lakes!!! Somewhere I have always wanted to go as thus far I have only been to the Peak District, when really it's always been The Lake District I wanted to see. I misunderstood when my colleagues invited me LOL!
I love that when you are viewing a property on the website, if you scroll down to the bottom of that page, you see the map of where the property is located along with a long list of "local amenities" including how far away each one is in miles. Each of those amenities is even hyperlinked so that you can click through, for your convenience to the place you would like to visit during your stay.

I am literally writing this post, documenting my experience of the website.

Here's what Snaptrip has to say:
Our aim is to make finding the right cottage at the best price as easy for you as possible.We still adhere to the founding principles of our business which allow us to provide a first class service and unbeatable prices to you, the holidaymaker…
  • We personally select all of our properties
  • We only offer quality properties at the best price
  • We work closely with our cottage owners to ensure high levels of customer service and satisfaction
  • We treat all of our customers and suppliers with integrity and respect.
  • Get everything you want on one site, instant bookings at great discounts.
I'm off now to read the Snaptrip blog, while I daydream of a holiday I could have. Ooooh a post I have read there now has me longing for a 3 night break in Wales.

Dear reader, where would YOU like to go?

If you really do want to go somewhere, in partnership with Snaptrip I have an offer for you:

This post is in partnership with Snaptrip and is my genuine overview and initial experience of the offer, having spent time on their website. All words, all opinions, are my own.

Liska xxx


  1. I love property websites. If I'm fantasizing about moving back to the UK I can spend hours ''choosing'' my house in the country (and my other house in London).

  2. I love the lake district, one of the best holidays.
    I've been browsing this site recently

  3. Sounds interesting, I love property sites and have already been looking at French ones for our move x

  4. Whitby has some amazing properties to stay in. We are currently looking at France for over the summer

    1. Jen, I couldn't help noticing your comment that you're looking for France. We still have a couple of weeks left at Lou Messugo if you're interested!

  5. OOh I could do with a few nights away some where .
    The Lake District is amazing.

  6. I'm always interested to discover new holiday websites running a holiday cottage as I do. I'm going to head over to Snaptrip straight away.

  7. Oh thank you. The code lasts until the summer? This is when I will need it actually :)

  8. I live in a small town in the country, so always look for more urban holidays!

  9. I love to look at properties online and it is so good to search for getaways, especially at this time of year! x

  10. I haven't heard of Snaptrip before but it looks great - I love staying in lots of different types of places and this sounds like it has loads!

  11. I've never been to the Lake District but it looks a gorgeous area. This sounds like an interesting website.

  12. Sounds like a great website - we love cottage holidays.

  13. I could do with a holiday, I'm definitely taking a look! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  14. Interesting - looks like a great website for using when planning a holiday!

  15. This looks like a fantastic website. Definitely worth considering for future holidays.

  16. I'll definitely be checking this out. I love self catering holidays and I'm sure I'd find something I'd like on SnapTrip - Zena's Suitcase

  17. this looks great, we're always looking to go away for long weekend so this would be perfect to try. x

  18. I want to live in the countryside and have said lifestyle x

  19. I would love to live in the countryside but for now will settle for a short break. The website looks very user friendly and straightforward. I'll check it out.

  20. To be honest anywhere... as long as there is a beach front near by :-)

  21. Part of me would love to live in the countryside but I like having local amenities nearby. This is a great idea for people planning a break

  22. I'm dying for a little break! thanks for introducing me to this site! x


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