Sunday 4 January 2015

As We Go Into Full Moon Tonight for the First Time in 2015 - The Year of the Goddess

Happy New Year and apologies for my absence, but I unintentionally took a well deserved break from the blog. I didn't know WHAT would bring me back to be honest. The urge to blog had gone. I was getting my social media fix from Facebook (private, not blogging related) and Instagram and had zero urge to write. Flu, Christmas, quality family time made sure that any spare time I did have was spent curled up, watching a movie, or dancing to the radio, or any number of things that brought us joy as a family.

But back I am, to tell you, if you didn't already know, that 2015 is going to be a VERY good year. The divine feminine has been asserting herself in recent years, but it has led to conflict as radiant women could not fully embody their radiance and the interplay between men and women, kind of wobbled. Nobody knew how to correctly dance in the new world. That work is done now though, and the divine feminine that shines in 2015 is a secure one. She is a dancing figure that will run with her magnificence, needing no explanation, no apologies, and certainly no excuses. The energy is low hanging fruit. Grabbing it, or jumping on for a ride is effortless, and the ride begins now. Dust off the darkness of Winter, and feel your growth wings tingly in your back, ready to sprout, ready to fly. The world needs us, and our journey is a good one. 

You don't need to "work" at this journey. All you need is an open heart, a degree of acceptance, an ounce of trust and eyes wide open to focus. Focus on what is important and what is not. Not...? Because it is also a time for elimination. To eliminate that that no longer serves you. Be it things, people, energies, entities, tasks, or places. Times like this only come round once in a lifetime. This is unique work we are doing that is a paradigm shift that hasn't been seen in thousands of years. Our soul knows what our purpose on this path is; we just have to open our hearts to let our higher selves guide us. We don't need to look outside ourselves for this. All we need to know, we know, or can channel. You'll be drawn to the people who are your soul partners on this journey.

As Anya has always said, we can step into our magnificence, and this week, energetically, we are finally being supported in doing so. The hard work has been done, it's now time to reap the benefits, and bring ourselves and this earth into a period of greater LIGHT and a higher vibration. Nothing I read on Astro Zo this week surprised me as I can already FEEL it.

This new energy is welcome for me, as I have spent the last 3 weeks in practically a horizontal state, many days in PJs. A flu the likes of I have never experienced. It is because when there are huge energetic shifts, my body literally becomes like a radio playing it all out. So, yes, I am kind of grateful that we are coming out of the darkness now.

Wonder if it will help when the alarm goes off tomorrow #BackToSchool...........

I have high hopes for 2015, and plan on remembering my spiritual side. Avoiding it, has just left me drifting, because my path is a spiritual one, and to avoid it is futile.......... Time to step up.

2015 is a good year for goal setting and Amanda has already done exactly that. I need to and did vague "intentions" for Winter Solstice but I need to make them a lot more SMART (specific measurable, A? realistic and timelined).

Actually Nickie has written a great short post about letting go and going with the flow, and therefore not setting goals which does feel very 2015-ish as it is a year for stepping up and indeed going with the flow.

I want to finally see my bum on a yoga mat this year, but you know what, for the first time since 2010 I think it is actually going to happen, because for the past week I have been playing yoga music whilst I declutter and it has had such a profoundly positive effect on our home and family. Aaron loves it too and walks into the kitchen dancing to it, and is so drawn to hug me lots, as he can see the deep healing effect it has on me.

I want to embody the person I know I can be. She is making a return. 

Let's become the Goddess that we all are.

Time to step up


  1. I hope you do get back to doing yoga because you've been talking about it for a long time now and with Aaron at school there may be some daytime classes you can attend?

  2. I was reading a post I had written this time last year, inspired by you and flylady - do you still use flylady? I am trying to get my body baby-fit this year, lots of dark greens and yoga and folic acid going on!

  3. 2015 sounds wonderful for us all then! I have been madly decluttering years of stuff that has accumulated whilst raising the kids alone - my soul must have been preparing. Hope it's fantastic for you and thank you for the mention. Lots of love XX

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