Thursday 8 January 2015

Getting Rid of Aaron's Old Buggy and Making Space for Something New

We have amazing space under our stairs. Part of what's clogging it up is Aaron's old buggy, which has seen better days to be honest. I wasn't one of those who had a pram and then a stroller.... NO! That buggy's been taken through its paces, having done Aaron's baby years (his first time in the buggy pictured) AND his toddler years. It was a travel system and it did about 15 miles a week as I don't drive. So that he could be forward facing when very young, he was in the car seat, but I was conscious that babies are not allowed to be in a car seat for very long at all, so when I wasn't baby wearing him, he was sometimes in the buggy, without the rear facing car seat as it is better for the spine. 

We adhered to my yoga belief of a newborn baby staying indoors for the first 40 days, but that didn't necessarily mean inside, it just meant not interacting with people, so no big trips or socialising. Keeping his aura safe until he was acclimatised in the great big world. It was too hot to stay inside the Summer he was born. The pic above only happened as I HAD to  go to hospital for an emergency breastfeeding counselling session as Aaron was born with a tongue tie. Glad I got it sorted, and glad I persevered with breastfeeding.

He was able to sleep in the buggy. This is Aaron at a month old:

His buggy hasn't been used in a very long time, as Aaron replaced buggy wheels with a scooter, followed by a balance bike, followed by a real bike (all without ever going near stabilizers). Long after he stopped using the buggy (Summer 2012 I think) he did then use it that Winter and I think even a couple of times in Winter 2013, as he'd ask for it if the wind or rain were bad. We'd have a 30 minute each way walk to the shops and he'd ask for the buggy so he'd be under the rain cover. Bad wind or rain means that an umbrella or jacket hood don't quite cut it, so I was often glad back then I hadn't thrown it, given it away or sold it.

Looking back on pictures, I now see pics of the scooter balanced on the back of the buggy and him in it, so I remember now, I used to have to take the buggy, on long days out, ready for the "Mummy my legs are tired" comments, which would always happen if we were out for a few hours. Of course there were also days where he would PUSH it rather than be in it. Gosh he looks so very little:
But I remember as he got older, my travel system was very heavy to push around, especially as I used public transport a lot. Being in London we were constantly (when not walking) either getting on and off buses, or tubes/trains. All my closest parent friends had Maclarens and I remember having buggy envy. It's absolutely fascinating reading about the history of British brand Maclaren. I had never even dreamed that they were British as it is a name that has always struck me as American, I can even hear it said in an American accent in my head.

Each time I thought of getting a stroller, I popped into stores, and it was always the Maclarens I ended up popping Aaron into and pushing around the store. I loved how easily they were manoeuvred and how light they felt to push and handle. It's also a natural choice for me, as I am used to the umbrella folding style, and used to my independence of being able to do things quick and easily. Sometimes I even use a buggy AND baby wear as the buggy can be used for shopping, or when they want to get out of the sling, which does happen if they are hot, or fractious or just because. I combination fed (due to low milk supply) and Aaron used to love to lie back in the buggy and drink a bottle. Although, that wasn't always a positive experience, like in Covent Garden when he was very unnerved by this man pretending to be a dog!
When I was considering throwing Aaron's old buggy out the other day, because I have been decluttering like a mad thing, which I think is because Imbolc is in the air (the Pagan first day of SPRING, which is on 1st Feb, which is also St Brigid's Day AND my birthday!) I said to Daddy, "I want a girl, and I want her to have a red buggy". He couldn't understand what was wrong with Aaron's black buggy, but (1) it's battered and (2) I just can't imagine wheeling a precious beautiful girl in a black buggy. I just can't. So, I have my eye on this Globetrotter Buggy Scarlet Red.

What it has going for it, is:
  • Independence it has a 5 second one-hand fold, which is a win for me. With Aaron being a very active boy, I'd need this if he ever has a sibling.
  • Lightweight - we are very outdoorsie and I don't drive. I'd need this as I do like to do things myself without asking for help
  • Large hood - this is invaluable for sun, wind, and showers that don't necessitate the rain cover.
  • Suitable from 6 months - I could babywear for the first 6 months so this wouldn't at all be a problem.
  • 2 seat positions and strap recline. If Aaron's sibling was anything like him, he could sleep up to 2.5 hours in the afternoon in his buggy so this recline would be much needed.
  • Lockable front swivel wheels and linked brakes.
  • 5 point safety buckle and height adjustable shoulder harness.
  • Soft foam handles and a handy carry strap for ease of use.
  • Coordinates with accessories available separately including reversible seat liners, footmuff, parasol, universal organiser, carry bag and buggy blanket.
  • I LOVE THAT IT INCLUDES a hood, raincover and shopping basket!
  • Guaranteed for life with the Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty! Wow!
I know it is too early to be considering buggies when I am not even pregnant yet, but when you stumble across your old buggy, you can't help but think about the future and what you may or may not need - God willing.

I'm also thinking about the future, and praying for my dreams to become a reality.

Lots of love, let's make 2015 a good year.

Liska xxx


  1. That dog is pretty weird though!! I can't wait to have a baby, I want a buggy that faces me, or preferably a pram. So very excited by all of the plans!

  2. I hope you get your red girls' buggy in 2015. xxx

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