Wednesday, 28 January 2015

We Love Our New Bunk bed - The Perfect Bed For My Little Boy

After many a hiccup I have finally (nearly) sorted Aaron's room. I chose the bed last year. Daddy bought the bed and the paint in August. I then said "leave it with me" - they were famous last words.

I was supposed to be painting the room, and it was one of those "tomorrow" jobs.

Somehow, recently, I made a start on it, and to cut a VERY long story short, the bed was assembled yesterday.

As there is a book shelf on each bunk, Aaron spent hours yesterday choosing books from downstairs that he would bring up. He then put books for his best mate on the bottom bunk and books for himself on the top. He's planning a sleepover already.

Last night he spent an hour on the top bunk watching videos on my phone, while intermittently saying "Mummy are you still there?" as he'd asked me to lie underneath on the bottom bunk.

The second he got sleepy (like I said, it took an HOUR), he just wordlessly walked down the bunk's ladder and I took him by the hand to bed with me. I knew Rome wouldn't be built in a day.

Tonight, all the way home from school, all he said was "I want to go on my bed". He literally flung his shoes off, chucked his jacket on the floor and RAN upstairs. And then up a few more steps - those of the ladder of the bed!
He spent lots of time on the top bunk. Arranging books on the shelf. Looking out the window at the view. Realising he could now reach the ceiling. Shouting at me to turn the bedroom light off if I turned it on to improve photos.

... and then after ages, said "Mummy will you read to me". He came down the ladder and lay next to me on the bottom bunk bed and I read lots of stories for ages. Lightning McQueen books x 3, a Jake and The Neverland Pirates book and finally The Gruffalo. I've even remembered how to do the voices to The Gruffalo really well like I used to.

Eventually I got hungry and said "Aaron I want to go and make dinner". He then had a huge dinner (a beautiful stir fry which you can see on Instagram) followed by THREE bananas (he has hollow legs tonight) and then asked for a bath. Once he was snugly in a pair of brushed cotton spiderman PJs I watched Coronation Street while he played a couple of computer games on my laptop (on Disney Junior) and then not long after 8 took him up.

We lay next to each other on the bottom bunk again, with just a pillow as his gorgeous John Lewis Robot bedlinen is on the top bunk bed. I read him 5 stories and he was really chilled. Then I was JUST about to let him watch a video on my phone but a REALLY long text came in from my Mum. While I read and replied to it, he nodded off. 

In theory I could have carried him through to my room, but I decided to run with it, and quietly took the duvet down off the top bunk and covered him. That was at 20:40 and he's still there now. As I type THIS sentence it's now 21:40. I think he will wake at some point, but I don't know if it will be before or after I go to bed.
I believe in energy, and I think we really put his energy into his room yesterday and today, and I think THAT was what has enabled him to settle. I don't expect him to do a full night immediately but we'll see how we go. 4.5 years of cosleeping to leave behind us. Well 4 really as he did do 6 months in a cot when newborn.
He might sleep really well, but I am literally listening out for every noise. I haven't even got the TV on.

My sleeping beauty, in a big boy bed for the first time:
His little slippers left by the bed had a poetic feel about them, so I just had to, with my heavy heart, grab a pic. Maybe it's all good. Letting Aaron move on and be independent (he's crazy independent anyhow) may leave room for a new soul to come through, to give my life another blessing. A pink one ;-)
So, it's now 22:00 exactly and he hasn't stirred since 20:30. I can't even concentrate, as my mind is fully on him. I guess that's why I am doing this post instead of tucking into my to-do list.

If you like the bed, it is a Domino Bunk Bed in maple and so far so good, I ADORE IT!!!!! Please note, I don't think the standard website photo of it does it justice at all, but I will rectify that with pics and videos that I aim to take. Oh and yes, we DID buy it - this is not a freebie/review. I did buy it from Bed Kingdom (or rather I chose it, and Daddy handed over the dosh). Book shelf on both bunks and so solid. Unlike cheap bunk beds it does not wobble and it is a full size one, so I can lie next to Aaron without bending my legs, while I read to him. It's not at all high though, and the bottom bunk is so close to the floor a young child in there wouldn't get injured (in my opinion) if they fell out. The gap between each bunk is perfect, as is the gap between top bunk and ceiling.

It's now 22:06, wish me luck!

Bye for now,


  1. I love this bed with the bookshelves on each level, and that the bottom bunk is so low that the top one isn't too high. Let us know if he slept through.

    1. Only till 23:15 as he woke up wet - silly me for not getting him to go loo that night I always do. The bookshelves are FAB as filling them and arranging them bonded him with the room and made it all so much of an adventure for him. Like you say, I love that the top bunk is low. With the bottom one also being low, I can even sit up in bed on the bottom without ducking or banging my head. Granted my spine is not 100% straight but then it's not for me :-) Love too that it is adult length so we could get normal mattresses. x

  2. Thank You for review of this bunk bed from bedkingdom the images are fantastic Ashley

    1. Thank you. I hope to take even better ones and videos to do a proper review, as I myself would love to have seen a review before buying it x

  3. That's a really beautiful bed Liska and Aaron looks so happy asleep in it. Mich x

    1. Thank you. All 3 of us in this house love it so much so far x

  4. What gorgeous shots and beautiful beds. I hope that another soul soon comes through! XX

  5. What a big night for you guys! Did he wake up?

    1. Yes he came into my room at 23:15 saying "I am wet" and just stood there. Didn't seem thrown that he'd woken up somewhere different, so definitely a good first effort. If in all the excitement I'd remembered to get him to do a wee before bed, he'd have lasted way longer, I am not sure how much longer though and I doubt it have been the full night. He's got a bad headcold so we are yet to try again, but we've been in there reading stories lots and he's definitely bonded with his room. x

  6. Yes, what Holly said - did he wake up!? My daughter rarely makes it an entire night in her own bed. Though I admit, the bed I brought with us to our new place is nowhere near as exciting or comfortable as A's bunk bed looks!!

    1. Oh it's only great as I spent weeks looking at every bunkbed known to man, and then reading ALL of the reviews on them and watching lots of You Tube vids. I very quickly knew what I didn't want and then had to start working out what I did.

      Yes, he only lasted 20:30 to 23:15 but we must try once again once he is over this headcold, and the weather gets better.

      Liska xx

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