Sunday 11 January 2015

What Would Be Your 3 Wishes for Your Kitchen? Sort Them on The Cheap

If you were a Genie in a Lamp, and you stood in my kitchen and asked me what my 3 wishes were I would straight away say
  1. My toaster! Mine gave up the ghost a few months ago, so get me a new one, BUT, it would HAVE to be a 4 slice! Also, it'd have to be RED! Mine starting short circuiting the whole of downstairs so I stopped using it. How have I survived when we eat toast every morning? I use the grill, and I love the warmth that it chucks out, to just out of bed chilly me, so it's been a cloud with a silver lining. But, with Summer on the way, standing by a warm oven won't be so much of an early morning thrill ;-)
  2. My kettle! Mine leaks if left full, or even half full, so I have got into this habit of making the right amount, and if not, always emptying it after every use, but usually using it for herbal tea, or  to soak a saucepan, or roasting tray etc.
  3. I don't know what wish three would be... it'd probably be a biggie! Like granite worktops, as we have the laminated ones.
Aldi special buy toaster for 20 poundsSo imagine my joy when I hear from Aldi, that the special buys this week (instore from today Sunday 11th January) include 2 of my wishes. 

I am drooling over them as I type this.

It looks like a classy toaster yet is only 19.99 GBP, which I appreciate given that my dodgy one was 40 pounds! And the kettle is only 17.99 GBP.

Aldi special buy toaster for 17.99

My last two kettles have been the sort that you lift from above, so it'll be nice to go back to a jug style one that has less of a footprint on my precious counter worktop space, which although I have lots of it, gets quickly cluttered no matter what I am doing. I should be clearing it now, but am writing this instead ha h! But I HAVE tidied the sitting room AND all of Aaron's toys and his school uniform is 95% dry, so cut me some slack eh?!?!? ;-)

Aldi special buy juicer for 40 pounds
The world and his wife always start juicing every New Year. I already have a great one, and have my carrots, apples, pineapple, ginger etc in, but have yet to kick the New Year off. Best do so quick whilst they're okay!

The best thing to do if you are thinking of starting a juicing habit is to start off with a cheapie, and then, in 6 months to a year, if it has become part of your routine, scale up to an expensive one. If you are not so frequent a juicer you can stick with a starter model and Aldi this week has just the ticket. 
Look at this one pictured. It's 54.97 even on Amazon and yet Aldi is selling it for ONLY 39.99 - Aldi Russell Hobbs Juice Extractor

I am tired so am off to bed. Will snooze and dream about my new toaster and kettle as they will probably arrive tomorrow, as I am reviewing them. I know! Lucky me! There REALLY was a real genie with a lamp, and he's called Aldi, (or their PR department) he he! 

Night night
Liska xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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