Wednesday 21 January 2015

When Your Wishes Come True

My Mum's always taught me that if you have a wish, you should put it in God's hands (or those of your guides and Angels) as you go to sleep and it will all become clear in the morning. Decisions can be made, once you've slept on them, confusion magicked away whilst you slept, if you remembered to ask for help just as you were dosing off.

Well, this 9 times out of ten works for me, but sometimes I just go "phew", "glad that resolved itself" and move onto the next thing to worry about.

Except, lately, I have been noticing the immediacy with which they have been granted. So... with that in mind, and with no further ado, I link up to the launch of #GiveThanksThursday. I have really missed Michelle's Reasons To Be Cheerful, so I am thrilled and thankful (see what I did there) that she has come back with a bang! You go girl!

Give Thanks Thursday at Mummy from the Heart

Some of you may know I am currently decorating Aaron's bedroom. Well we have visitors coming this weekend, so I also wished that I would find a suitable tradesperson to build his bunkbed.

I contacted my person of choice and he hasn't been getting back to me (turns out he has just had a baby).

Except, I moved on from that worry, because despite all my decluttering and cleaning and polishing and preening, a smell appeared the other day in the kitchen. A vile awful smell. Daddy had his theory on where it was coming from, but I couldn't confirm it as I had a head cold and a blocked nose (yes despite already having flu for 3 weeks at Christmas) but I put it down to detoxing which can cause that. My headcold NOT the smell ha ha!

Anyhow, the other night I was so worried about it, that the last thing I thought about as I slept was my wish that I would find AND resolve where it was coming from.

The next morning, despite having LOTS of other things to do, I was guided  to the back of the fridge and sure enough, the fridge has a drip tray on the back that was full of smelly stagnant water (as I often let things go "off" in the salad crisp tray at the bottom of the fridge).... I know! I know!

Anyhow I unscrewed it, bleached it etc etc etc, and the smell immediately went but I also burned incense for good measure. What was amazing was that 1. we've never in 10 years known about that drip tray and it's never caused a problem before, yet 2. I was immediately drawn to it despite nearly no sense of smell.

I then wondered why a tradesperson hadn't got back to me, and was almost cross about it, until I remembered THAT was not what I had wished, so as an experiment, THAT night I wished that the perfect person would contact me the next day, offering to build the bunkbed. Not just build it, but do it this week in time for my visitors.

And... you know what... he did!

It is booked for tomorrow, so let's see how we go shall we.

And my final wish of three?!?!? I have needed a blood test for 6 months and was too scared to book it, being scared of needles, but my Mum had convinced me to. I was terrified of the forthcoming appointment, but to cut a long story short, "I was taken care of" thanks to putting it in God's hands. Basically that cream you put on an hour before! It works!

So it's funny, my beautiful kitchen that I was so proud of went a little downhill due to that smell, but it was rectified once I found the stagnant water, and pretty quickly too.

Even my flowers looked sad about it (below) but I discovered that my vase had run out of water and the tulips were literally looking for it (look at them leaning). The first time I saw them like this, it kind of scared me as they look like venus fly traps ha ha!
I'm still having a hot cereal every morning after dropping Aaron at school but now it's ready brek instead of porridge. I put that in lower case as it is the Aldi version not the real thing, and it is yummy. I'm spicing it up with fruit and nuts on top and some naughty brown sugar.

Anyway, I can't wait to finish Aaron's bedroom and if it looks good I'll share it with y'all. Can you tell we are watching Sheriff Callie right now? :-)

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Liska xxx


  1. Love this post! I've been having terrible anxiety over the dentists and no advice helped me I sent a desperate prayer one night as I showered and all of a sudden I knew I had to find my crucifix and bring it with me im convinced it helped. I will try this way it's gabding over all your worries to a higher power must remember to give back though for all their hard work :) I find I act with more kindness for eg I have been helped so I like to pass it on xxx

  2. Your naughty brown sugar on the top does look very tempting though! Lot's of good stuff in there Liska, I'll have to give this a try and hand my worry over tot heLord as I go to sleep and monitor how it works, you have me intrigued now. Mich x

  3. I totally understand about the blood tests! I avoid stuff like that too but I am glad it worked out.

    I am also starting to redo my kids rooms :)

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