Monday 9 February 2015

A Valentine's Gift for the Book Lover in Your Life

I'm talking today about the perfect artistic Valentine's Day Gift for the discerning book reader, who is a book lover, or perhaps simply, your lover!
The Book of Valentine from The Book of Everyone
In fact, the content of each page is so artistic, that not much reading is required. Just soak up the graphic design that spills out of each and every crafted page. 

The ultimate romantic coffee table book for your lover. Again, like many times before, I say that personalised, is the best gift! It's artistic, but using the date of birth of the recipient. If they are fascinated with their year of birth and/or history, they will adore it:
Regular readers will know I featured the Book of Everyone in my extensive Family Christmas Gift Guide. 

I've now just made a Valentine's book with them and it was really fun making it. I think my favourite page has to be this one:
Aarons Daddy is Born
You get the chance to personalise what is on the spine of the printed book and I wrote in that section "by Mummy" so that it makes sense. It's not immediately obvious that you can personalise the above photo, but do have a click, each and everytime you see the "edit" button as it is fun to personalise the pages that you can. If I hadn't inserted the above pic it would have looked like this ;-)
Personalising The Book of Valentine
The book has a FABULOUS sense of humour as you will see in the pic below. Rather an appropriate pic with Chinese New Year on the horizon, but the book is so personalised it even works out the Chinese Astrological year of their birth. Daddy is clearly a rat ha ha!
The Year of the Rat from the Book of Valentine
The brilliant thing with this company is you get to try before you buy, in the sense that you SEE every page of the book, even if you do not buy the digital or hard copies. So you get to SEE the book before spending even a penny. Actually, I would go as far as to say you get to enjoy it too, even as the sender/buyer of the gift. I really enjoy looking at the book as I design it (as I did at Christmas too) but actually, I can't wait to receive a hard copy that I can rifle through, and wrap for Daddy. Oh, and that's another thing, you can click to have it wrapped, with Valentine's being so near that's handy. Plus postage if you go for standard first class, is free.

Here's what the brand themselves has to say:

The Book of Everyone Valentine’s Edition is a lovingly crafted book created for that special someone in your life. 

A truly one of a kind gift, made by the buyer (and a special hand from the geniuses who work at The Book of Everyone) with just a few loving taps of the keyboard.  

The Book of Everyone showcases through the options of digital, paperback, hardback and deluxe books, the journey through the world they were born into.  

The Book of Everyone can be made in minutes, customised, previewed right away, printed and dispatched to you in under one week! Or if you really have left it until the last minute, download the digital version straight to your loved one’s tablet. 

With the option of personal touches, like photos and dedications, The Book of Everyone is a truly unique Valentine’s gift. Whether for your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover or partner; this book is guaranteed to pull a few heartstrings without getting all soppy. 

The new Valentine’s TBOE edition includes brand new pages artwork and content.  

This Valentine's edition comes with:

 Lovebirds dedication page

 Cupid's arrow cover design

 Special personalisation pages 

 Lovingly-crafted touches throughout

The Book of Everyone Valentine’s Edition is a nostalgic, beautifully designed 50 page book that offers options that are affordable for all budgets from, Digital £7.50, Paperback £19.50, Hardback £29.50 and Deluxe £49.50.

To make The Book of Everyone as a gift for someone, all you need is their full name and date of birth. 

If you cannot remember their exact birth date, don’t worry as the clever inbuilt Facebook feature can help find the details for you.  For a free preview, just enter the details of the person you would like to make the book for (this takes under ONE minute!) and you can see what each page of their book will look like in seconds. 

And if that’s not enough, you can spread your love even further with a FREE personalised online 'love letter’ heart. Simply add your two names into the online generator, and watch as they magically interlock to create a bespoke image of your love. Your one-of-a-kind creation is also available to purchase as a greeting card (£3.95) or keepsake poster (available in 2 different sizes) from £21.50 (30cm x 30cm). 

The Book of Everyone is available via their website: 

Disclosure: I was provided with a digital and a paperback code in order to review this book for you. So far I have successfully ordered the digital book, but am having trouble getting a paperback book (like Christmas once again) but hopefully we'll get there. EDIT: it was sorted for me - yyyeaaahhhh - and I can't wait for the book to go thud on the doorstep now.
Our Valentine's Book is actually very similar to the normal Book of Everyone, although with a heart added on the front cover etc... To get a great insight into the artwork in the books watch this:

Bye for now, Liska xxx