Sunday 22 February 2015

A Week in Photos Our Half Term Holiday

We've spent the Winter hibernating and had quite a few pyjama days, so it was about time we became the outdoorsie people we are known to be. Sunday that meant a cycle ride and a trip to the park. It was great on  both counts as we haven't really been on our bikes since 2014 as Aaron loves walking to and from school now. Despite having a great day out Sunday as below, he also managed to do all his homework for the whole week even though it was meant to be 5 minutes a day for the whole half term. Took a gorgeous pic of him in action.
He was thrilled spending a couple of hours in the park, and I was over the moon that the weather's finally picked up. As you can see he's only wearing a body warmer! It was great to get the exercise of the bike ride and the fresh air. Choosing ONE pic for this #365Project post was really tough as I have about 20 gorgeous ones from this day Sunday 15th February, but the above just pipped them all to the post.

Then Monday, I really wanted to see Fifty Shades ;-) so I did. As a family we went to Chiquitos afterwards and I love that they have Mexican hats that you an wear:
For a picture of Aaron and I, there is one on Instagram: the two Chiquitos :-) We all loved the food, the ambiance, the service and it was the perfect end to a perfect day. It meant a late night so I don't know how Aaron and I got up for Art Workshop the next day but we did. I've stayed offline and had quality time with Aaron throughout half term, BUT I did manage to blog about the workshop as I was so damn proud of our painting.

What I didn't say in that blog post was that on Tuesday the Artist holding the workshop ALSO did a cast of Aaron's hand. It made me emotional as you could see the creases in his hand, the finger nails and every little detail. Beautiful:
Wednesday was the second day of the Art Workshop; this day it was mainly the Mums who did the art and the kids played and ran around. Just like I got to be hands on with the life size painting of Aaron on Tuesday (link to blog post above), on Wednesday I also got to be hands on, and made this from clay:
Looking at it now, it looks incredibly simple, but I was so very proud of it on Wednesday. Further proof I think, that I have got a lot more simplistic in my desires. I enjoy the detail and the little things in life. Which is actually very rewarding. It's slower. More mindful, and naturally more meditative. More sensual. Like focusing on the feel of the clay. The proportions. Working on wholeness rather than grandness. Making it about an experience, not a statement. Like life being a journey rather than a destination.

Thursday saw us passing Harrods on the bus, and I was gripped as always, by how incredible beautiful it looks lit up. This ALWAYS stops me in my tracks no matter how many times I see it:
Friday I spent the day at The Baby Show (post coming in the next few days). I loved all of the products there, quite a few you'd never see on the high street. Such a great way to absorb yourself in all things baby! Aaron spent the day with his favourite cousin, so I was free to roam and talk to all the brands. I even visited my Aunt and Cousin after and had a beautiful evening, which of course included the live episode of Eastenders as I have been hooked this week.
Saturday I took Aaron and his cousin to Alexandra Palace and they loved the park and the duck pond. Again too many pics to choose from, but I settled on this one:
We also got a fab pic of a rainbow.

I hope you've had a great half term too. We've literally had a ball.

So glad that school for us does not resume till Tuesday!

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  1. Looks like a great week! Lots of adventures and outings, we go back to school on Monday which is nice as hubby doesn't start work until the evening so we can have a day together.

  2. What a fab week you've had - that cast is amazing! X

    1. Thanks I do love it. He's precious and the detail on there made me all emosh x

  3. Looks like an action packed week. I love your art work. Hope you enjoyed the cinema ;) I can't get anyone to go with me, pity you didn't live closer! x

    1. I'd give anything to live closer. Would be at yours for coffee everyday x

  4. A fun week. How did you like Fifty shades - there have been mixed opinions.
    Alexandra Palace looks lovely. Must take the children there.

    1. I loved the film. The cinematography is very arty, in a good way. Great soundtrack. The casting got my approval. Everything was beautifully filmed and his appartment was just as I imagined. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
      Yes you MUST go to Ally Pally (as us locals call it). Amazing place with amazing views xx


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