Friday 13 February 2015

Blogging For Gifts - A Poem by Me

"Write on your blog for me" you said
and that's just what I did

You sent me something cool by post
It even had a lid

I took it to the supermarket
it couldn't pay for food

I took it to the clothes shop
They said I could be sued*

I showed it to the hubby
he said "that's nice dear"

I put it on the mantelpiece
but it couldn't pay for beer

The bank said "overdraft is at its limit"
EARNING would be good

The Bank Manager said "the blog is lovely"
"But it doesn't pay for food"

The gifts are piling up round here
My ego's fit to burst

But when I want to get on the bus
There's nothing in my purse

So hey cool dude next time you write
Remember what I'm worth

I show your product at its best
My services don't cost the earth

Let's agree a price my friend
These gifts are cute I know

But until you show me some green notes
I'm afraid I've got to go!

* I tried your trick there - i.e. I am taking something now, and see what I send you later - it's a surprise!


  1. Really enjoyed this. It really is about knowing your worth and understanding that as much as we may enjoy being sent a free gift and enjoy writing for the joy of putting word to paper, it won't pay the bills!

  2. Brilliant! You are a very strong influencer which has been earned and you should be recompensed for X

    1. I don't mind the odd gift but this week it was three in a row and one's a "surprise". I think they've all had a drink together and designed these new rules of engagement or there's been a circular somewhere we've not been privy to x

  3. Oh this made me laugh!! Love it! Currently can't see my desk for gifts. Great poem!

    1. Thank you. Seems to be the latest trend. 3 offers in one week I had. Just accepted the one, which is "on the way" - can't wait to see what it is. Can't work out whether to get my hopes up or not xxx

  4. LOL, you mean all that exposure when they use your link to advertise, won't pay the bills? And they make out that exposure is so valuable. Next time I'll say if I want exposure I'll go sit in a seedy park and wait till an unkempt man in a grubby raincoat happens past.

  5. Rachel they don't even do that. Dickies did when I reviewed their rain coat and trousers on Aaron. I got lots of hits. It was amazing as I contacted them. Yet when it's the other way around they don't seem to think to offer that even though our content would jazz up their Facebook page, increase their engagement and make the deal more win:win. Xx

  6. I say no to practically every review now as I'm just the same I need to be earning money, not blogging for 'stuff' we just do not need! Mich x


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