Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Perfect Valentine Gift If You or Someone You Know Have Just Had a Baby

I know, you are wondering why am I talking about a Valentine gift that would be perfect for a home that has a fluffy newborn.... well it is because I think this is just the thing AND given that Aaron is going in to a NEW room for the FIRST time, well it all feels NEW to me, which kind of fits with my URL :-)

We didn't do the whole thing of date, marry, impregnate, in close succession. For us it was 13 years dating, 13 years married, and that takes us to the present day, of life with a beautiful 4 year old boy.

But still, when I first set eyes on this, I had tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat:

After all, a little person that is a piece of us both is the biggest expression of our love, so how apt that that is recognised as part of Valentine's Day.

It says:
Wife's name and Husband's name
Sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes a baby in a baby's carriage

My two priorities with Aaron's bedroom were firstly ordering the bunk bed*, and choosing/buying the paint. Then they sat there for months, and it was a big deal to get the room decorated and the bed built, but the very second it was, it was all about getting things on the walls.

*What preceded that was WEEKS choosing it, and coming up with the Domino Bunk Bed.

The quality of the above Framed Poem is superb. It's called a Lovebirds Framed Poem - I couldn't keep it for Valentine's as I couldn't wait to get it in Aaron's room. The husband loved it just as me, even though I mistakenly told him it costs 49 pounds. Normally he'd pull a face, but he handled the frame, and said "you can tell" as the quality, like I say, is exceptional. Turns out, I have just been online and it's only 29.99 pounds, which is extremely good value for a gift that will last a lifetime, and is so very precious.

The husband was very touched by the words, and it showed me first hand what a truly beautiful and thoughtful gift this is. I don't even think it needs to be given husband to wife or vice versa. I could imagine any close friend or family giving it to a couple who have just had a baby. So many things duplicate - like flowers - I think the best gifts are personalised ones, that require some thought, and leave a lasting impression.

Don't worry about timescales. If you order it NOW today:
  • Estimated Dispatch Date: Tuesday, February 10th 2015
  • Free Delivery when you spend over £40
  • Guaranteed Fast, Secure Shipping
So you are still in time for Valentine's Day. I normally get novelty items for the husband, but I consider this as something so much more sentimental, and special!
I can't wait to show you Aaron's finished room, but in time for the bunk bed being built I actually only painted 3 walls, which leaves two! His room has a corner missing, so there are actually 5 walls. This is the 4th, below, and the fifth is the wall that the 3 boxes of bunk bed were leaning up against. I had intended to finish that as soon as the bed was built BUT I had a tax return to worry about and then my birthday so it's been put on the long finger. (Can't find anyone nowadays who knows that expression, but it means "put on hold").

So this is the angled wall, that is currently home to our Lovebirds Framed Poem and pictures of Aaron till I get them hung (4 places still need a pic - it's a work in progress):
Bye for now, I hope you have enjoyed hearing about this beautiful gift. I was lucky to be sent one to review, and the timing is perfect for Aaron's room. Leaving co-sleeping behind is tough for me. It's another phase in letting Aaron go, that bit more, like his starting school. So having precious things in his room, that put a spring in my step, well, they all make it that little bit easier.

If I have convinced you that you need one of these framed prints in your life, then here is the discount code:
Liska xx


  1. Love the multi picture frame, such a nice gift.

    1. Oh the "gift" is the framed poem. The multi picture frame is just something I personally picked up to finally get some of Aaron's pics up on the wall now he has a room. I have four empty spaces which I need to add with recent pics. I have done one school photo in there, with the baby photos, so there is newborn and school boy both represented. Thanks for visiting and commenting xx

  2. I'm all into frames at the moment - have you noticed our lives are entwined? It must be something to do with sharing a birth sign? Have printed off a tonne of photos but have been on the hunt for frames to display them in. I love the personalised one for Aaron's room!


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