Monday 16 March 2015

My Best Mother's Day Ever

This year Mother's Day did not disappoint. I had a lovely afternoon with Aaron where I spent what I was going to spend on lunch out on a Transformer for him instead LOL. He was over the moon! Then in the evening Daddy surprised me with 3 cards AND 2 bunches of roses AND a box of 3 Krispy Kremes AND a bottle of wine. I felt very spoilt and very loved.

There was a great build up to Mother's Day too, with the arrival of my Beanies Stash Box, which I really enjoyed sampling every flavour of:

It seems the theme of this Mother's Day was tea/coffee because the card I woke up to, was the one Aaron made at school, (hidden in his Friday book bag for hand delivery Sunday) which had a teapot on the front that he'd personally decorated with sequins:
The two most touching things about it were firstly his beautiful handwriting inside, and secondly, that there was an individually wrapped Pukka Early Grey Tea Bag stuck inside continuing the "tea" theme (on the reverse of the teapot - just opposite Aaron's handwritten message). I ran out of Earl Grey a few weeks ago, so I did actually open it and begin Mothering Sunday by drinking it :-) For posterity I kept the wrapper stuck inside the card, and literally just cut out the bag, to liberate it and get it in my cup! 

It is incredibly touching when Teachers do things like this, to ensure us Mums have a special day, regardless of what Dad does or doesn't do. To pay it forward, I sent a text to everyone on our PTA to wish them a wonderful day, and to celebrate the fact that we all add a bit of magic to the curriculum. I also rung my niece to ensure she was giving her Mum a wonderful day. Continuing what the Teachers started, with their crafted teapots - Mums looking after other Mums.
teapigs also sent me a Mother's Day gift to celebrate their new monthly tea subscription service, which you can get as a gift or for yourself - the subscription costs between 39 and 99 pounds depending on the length of subscription so there's something for everyone - choose to have tea for 3, 6 or 9 months. I love the shopper bag that my tea arrived in! I can't wait to try the everyday brew!

Just now, I put the roses from Daddy in vases. Kind of ironic really as it was only yesterday that I noticed the dead Valentine's roses still in the vase on the window (what can I say, it's been a mentally busy couple of weeks), and I was enjoying my minimalist window once again. But as of this afternoon, it's full of flowers again (I was too tired to put them in vases last night). Beautiful colourful roses!

I did the proper thing of cutting 2 cm off the bottom of each stem, and added them to a litre of water with their food. Also cut off any leaves that would be below  the water line, but it was ONLY when taking photos for this post, that I noticed I had them in completely the wrong vases, so I went from this to this:

The orchids I bought myself for Valentine's Day in Aldi are still alive and well as you can see :-)
So I am very thrilled with myself this Mother's Day. I am kind of looking like that frog above right about now. 

I love my tea, my coffee, my cards and my flowers. I should really photograph what's written inside the cards too, as that's the real icing on the cake. It's been a long time coming but I finally got my perfect Mother's Day. I've thanked Daddy by making our favourite lunch, for us to have today Monday, whilst Aaron's at school. In fact I've only just finished it, which gave me the energy to put this blog post together.
If you are a Mamma reading this, then remember you are beautiful and very loved this Mother's Day.

Bye for now,
Liska xxx


  1. Aww! What a lovely post! It looks and sounds like you had the perfect day!
    Gorgeous photos x

  2. Glad you had a wonderful time Liska, it is so nice to be appreciated. Mich x

  3. So glad you were spoiled - you deserve it x


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