Wednesday 4 March 2015

Spring Weather Watch and Our After School Trips to the Park

The blue skies are continuing, as are our daily trips to the park. It's providing many photo opportunities. I love these rails that play sounds. We discovered them last week and the novelty is yet to wear off. You can hear what they sound like in our Spring has Sprung vid :-) Same blue sky just different day!
I love it when a pic just naturally turns out this good. By the way I never adjust the lighting or saturation on photos. What you see is what I get. The most I ever do is add text and crop/resize. If it doesn't turn out right, it doesn't get shared #simples!

Yesterday we made a spontaneous trip to the farm after school, and it was bliss for the short 15 minutes that we were there
The Spring lighting is SUCH an improvement on Winter. I am just loving what it does to photos, after too much time cooped up indoors.
Just look at the mud on those school shoes above. I think he is going to need old trainers for "after school" if I want to avoid my tears at his school shoes expiring before their time! They were staying in great condition till the blue skies started Wednesday of last week. We've now done 5 days in a row in the park after school! And I still haven't found my gloves. The above pics are from yesterday. Today I managed to get him out of the park BEFORE my hands went numb!

Right I've just downloaded my pics from today, Wednesday, and it reminds me, it was so sunny as we walked out of school Aaron took his coat off. I always know that the weather has really turned when we can dispense with jackets. I didn't take mine off though as within 10 minutes the sun went behind a cloud and it was cold once again. The deceivingly blue sky doesn't alone provide heat, although it was warm, teasingly so, for those wee few minutes, as we walked from school playground to playground
Night night.

Tomorrow's World Book Day but we are celebrating it Friday in our school apart from having a Book Fair tomorrow.

Liska xx


  1. I love spring, too. The light, longer days, warmth. Lovely photos.

    1. Thanks so much. Only trouble is the clocks go forward soon and for a while that makes the mornings darker :-( xxx


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