Wednesday 1 April 2015

Two Days of Art at School Easter Hols

We've been at an Art Workshop at school yesterday and today (school broke up for the Easter end of term holidays here on Friday 27th March). Love what we produced, although I wasn't fully emotionally present yesterday or today. But more on that later.

Yesterday, we were asked to draw each other and this is what we came up with:
I did a pencil drawing of Daddy many many years ago (in our Uni days) and framed it; must now do the same with these ;-) Aaron said, not "nice drawing Mummy" but rather "where's the teeth?" to which I answered "don't mention the teeth!"

Yesterday Aaron made an "alien" out of quick drying clay and today I painted it with blue Acrylic. I also painted the plaque that I made back during the February half term art workshop:
The Artist said he gets the "eyes" really cheap on EBay - they are "dolls' eyes". Aaron liked having just one and making it an alien's eye.

Today, in the whole session, I only drew one simplistic drawing of Spiderman. Everyone else was putting together amazing mosaic creations, but I just wasn't feeling it. There was a strange feeling in my head and I did not feel grounded or centred at all, so instead I just focused on watching Aaron play or talking to other Mums, which was just what the doctor ordered.

I love the mosaic work that everyone did and this is only some of it:
As for me not being "with it" it's because Aaron had a very bad fall last week, which is the same reason I haven't blogged in a week. I don't think I am ready to blog about what happened, but to cut a long story short, he was pushed over, at school and has lost 4 teeth as a result. We're never in and out of hospital with Aaron, so the whole thing was a huge shock to us, and to be honest very traumatic. He's made a speedy recovery, and hopefully the clouds in my head will start to clear, and the metaphorical sun can shine once again.

But that's my quick update for now,

Love and light
Sat nam

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  1. I sure wish our school did art workshops, my little Miss E would adore that. I hope you are feeling more like yourself again soon and glad to hear Aaron is on the mend. Mich x


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