Wednesday 6 May 2015

Dear So and So

One of my favourite linkies has made a comeback. Years ago I used to participate in Dear So and So, and back then it was hosted by 3 Bedroom Bungalow. Thankfully my dear blogging friend of old, Michelle Twin Mum has a few weeks ago resurrected it: Dear So and So Bank Holiday Weekend edition.

So here I go:

Dear Talk to Mums,
It was all a bit helter skelter, 
trying to fit in your 
Friday 24th April Blog Brunch event, 
when I was meant to be preparing for 
my family holiday to 
but boy am I glad that I fitted it in. 
It was slick, professional, and well organised. 
The venue, food, and brands present were all marvelous. 
I cannot single out any brand for a mention as they were all wonderful. 
I was also very happy to meet some 
of my favourite bloggers there.

I am so sorry that I have not blogged
about the fabulous event yet, but I have enjoyed reading your post:
Jo @mummyblogger spoke and gave some very wise blogging tips, and I see she HAS already blogged about the day:
I filmed her talk and I've finally 
had chance to upload to You Tube:
It is the first time I have made an effort
with my appearance, in years.
It did wonders for my self confidence, and I will 
treasure the picture above that Daddy took on the morning of the event.
He even said "Mum, look at my wife" just before he took that pic, which made 
my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.
Grateful Blogger that you invited me, Liska x

Dear Blog Awards
I've never won one, but that is not to say I 
am not interested, as I am.
I watch the awards with a great deal of pride in the deserving winners.
I just don't like the whole pimping for votes thang.
Don't like it! Don't do it! I say.
But I do so love that the awards bring blogs to our attention that we wouldn't have otherwise known about and that our bloggy friends get the recognition that they so deserve for the work that they put in to their blogs.
If you are a shortlisted BIBS award candidate, like my dear friend Anya is in the Writing category, then I wish you every luck and success. If it will be your first time to BritMums Live, you may want some insight as to what to expect.
Here is my footage, filmed from a round table last year. As you can see the awards are all very swish, and @KatyHill is very very funny
Yours, bloggers awards viewer from afar
Liska x

Dear Bluestone
What can I say, last week was a dream come true.
Our first family holiday, and in luxury.
And it's all thanks to you.
Thank you for having us.
Our upside down house in Preseli View 
was spectacular. 
Love that with the living quarters being upstairs, 
you get spectacular views during the day
and not so, at night, when you're in the land of nod anyway!
Aaron loved it, Daddy loved it and I loved that they loved it.
Highlights were the Blue Lagoon onsite waterpark, that is definitely one of your bragging rights! 
Wow just wow!
How has it taken me till the age of 42 to go  to a pool THAT good.
Can't wait to go again, and show your beautiful resort to my whole extended family. Already thinking of reasons to go again
Oh and I WILL do the review soon I promise.
I was plagued with problems. 
Actually I will save the details of those
for the NEXT dear so and so below.
Thanks again
Liska x

Dear Camera, and your partner in crime: laptop
It hasn't been funny that you have BOTH been full. 
But then my camera has been full for about a year, so I guess you thought you'd join in the fun.
It certainly wasn't at all humorous in Bluestone when it meant I could only film Daddy's zip wire in the Deep Ravine in short bursts, because I managed to free up a tiny bit of memory.
Well here's some news for you:
I am not impressed. And let me inform you, with an extensive background in human resources, performance management is quite my thing, so dear camera and dear laptop, you better sharpen up your acts, or you will be replaced. You were hired and just like in The Apprentice you can be fired too!
I have taken the two LARGE Bibs videos off my computer, and am now solely relying on them being on You Tube. I have done the same with Jo's 5 Blogging tips. I am hoping that gives me a couple of GB to play with both metaphorically and for real!
But having a full camera, laptop and phone, when my game is meant to be social media, is all a bit constipated to be fair.
Until I find a solution I will be weeding out content that just does not need storing, and then ultimately trying to find a way forward.
somewhat technically challenged
Liska xx

Dear Al Fresco
You really do pick your moments don't you?!?!?!
Just this morning, on the school run, I said to my favourite fellow parent 
"I need a holiday from the holiday"
when she asked me what Bluestone was like. Don't worry Bluestone, I only said it, after fulling filling her in on how amazing it was.
But suffice to say, I have already unpacked all the many bags, and the kitchen stuff, 
but the suitcase that had Aaron and I's stuff in is still upstairs, still full.
It is only Daddy that has sensibly unpacked. 
So that his laundry could be done 
prior to returning to work.
I suppose it did not help that we fitted in a late night to see Disney on Ice on the way home, with me already having fitted in Talk To Mums just before, with that all being right off the back of my Aunt's stay here, which was off the back of Easter which was off the back of Aaron's two trips to hospital having lost 4 teeth at school 
and breathe......
So, back to the reason for this letter....
They have sent me a pamper parcel, with the theme
Holiday from your Holiday.
All my favourite things are in there like Soap and Glory products (their Hand Food is the best handcream I have EVER used) and a holiday themed Yankee Candle, which smells divine.
There are SO many goodies in there, I think I will be able to do a You Tube haul video :-)
Thanks so so much Al Fresco
The timing could not have been better
Liska xxx

Dear You Tube
You are currently my biggest focus, but I really do not know what to do with you.
I wish I had tackled you sooner, but sadly the hubby dropped my Macbook on Boxing Day a few years ago, and imovie was my favourite way to edit.
I am now getting to grips with 
Windows Live Movie Maker.
I am pleasantly surprised with it and wish I had spent the last couple of years playing with it. 
Regrets I've had a few....
Bye for now, Liska xxx

I think that's enough navel gazing with my letter writing now, BUT I can safely say, writing a few letters is a GREAT way to get stuff out of your head.... and it used to be when I used to participate in Dear So and So years ago. Great to be back, so thank you Michelle for restarting it. I guess this should have been a Dear So and So to you!

I am adding the blog hop code now so that my readers can visit the other Dear So and So participants:

Liska xxxxxxxxxx

Dear So and So at Mummy from the Heart


  1. What a great post. Obviously I can relate to the storage space issues. Glorious as my MacBook Pro is, I never have enough space on it so all my video and photos are elsewhere and I'm constantly looking for other options. External hard drives are great - I have a 4 TB one BUT they are not failsafe so still need other options to back those up.
    I hope to get to Bluestone soon too - bad girl you've made me look forward to the prospect eve more now. Cant wait for your full review and video. See you somewhere in Youtube land soon xx

    1. I can't wait to write the full review if I ever get to it. Chasing my tail all week. I now have a new (3rd) storage card for my phone and hoping to use it for Vlogging. Yes I need an external hard drive. Yours sounds great x

  2. What a bumper edition Liska. How annoying about yor camera and laptop. I have an external drive that I save all the big stuff to and delete it off my camera and phoen regulalry, might be an idea? I'm waiting for my Al Fresco package so I know a few of my treats now too! lol Mich x (Have a great week)

    1. Hope your package has now arrived. Do you like it? I had no idea that it would be a bumper edition, but when my hands reached the keyboard that all popped out LOL. Thanks so much for Dear So and So, it's like a spark of the old days. Always a good thing. xxx

  3. I used to love this linky too so will have to join in. Sounds like you've all had a fantastic holiday, can't wait to read your review x

    1. Oh I can't wait to write it, yes it was amazing. Looking forward to seeing you join in. Thanks for reading x

  4. You always look gorgeous Liska. I too am horrified by some of the vote pimping in these awards. We have to remember our roots and our motivations right? Will pop back to read your review. Much love darling x

    1. Thank you. I am so glad I just visited YOU Dear So and So. Wow, oh my God what a much needed beautiful piece of writing.
      Liska xx

  5. Oh what lovely letters! And thank you SO much for such a lovely mention re the Awards. You are so gracious. So glad you had such a good holiday- and don't we mums always need one when we get home?! Not so glad about the camera business but go you on such a busy and successful time! X

  6. I'm glad it's back too and some great letters this week, you look gorgeous in that outfit I'm glad you found it useful and wow at the holiday lucky things you deserve it, looked so much fun! Xx


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