Wednesday 24 June 2015

Secret International Fairy Convention location is revealed in London!

Happy International Fairy Day 
Do you believe in them? 
Personally I always have done.
I have LOTS of books about fairies.

To mark this years annual International Fairy Day today, the Secret Association of Fairies and Elves Convention (S.A.F.E) takes place, and for the first time ever the location has been revealed ...doors courtesy of The Magic Door Store

The convention is hosted annually at secret locations all over the world, and this year the fairies have chosen a destination in London.
More than 500 magic doors have been installed at Londons GardenMuseum in Lambeth, so that fairies from across the globe could gather to discuss annual performance in each country and to set new targets for International Fairy Day 2016.

The location was leaked by the supplier of the magic doors on their Twitter feed, which read: ‘By international fairy request, we are the proud suppliers of fairy doors for this year's convention in London. Eeeek!’

When pressed for more information, Sarah Tollit, Founder and CEO of The Magic Door Store commented:
Magic doors have for many years helped fairies reach the lives of millions of children all around the world, and now we have the fairies stamp of approval. We are so proud to have been selected as the official supplier to the International Fairy Day Convention.”

Benjamin OConnor, Head of Operations at The Garden Museum, also commented on hosting the special event:
"We are so pleased that the fairies chose The Garden Museum to host their annual convention. Since The Garden Museum has been labelled nationally as one of London's best small museums, we feel that the fairies definitely made the right choice!

About The Magic Door Store

• The Magic Door Store was created by Sarah Tollit and launched in the UK in November 2013.
• Doors are available for purchase on the website and at selected UK and Dubai retailers
• Magic Doors are available in red, blue, pink, purple, green and yellow 
• The Magic Door Store has a total of 12 doors and 11 fairy and elf accessories

Disclosure: I was sent a Magic Door for review some months ago, but morning sickness has seen me struggling to blog, so I bring you this news, by way of apology to Magic Door, whilst they patiently await my full review. Maybe I need some fairy dust :-)

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  1. Now this is where I don't want to jump the gun and say a massive congratulations at the mention of morning sickness, in case it's something to do with seasonal hayfever or something just as random...? But as much as I loved hearing about the fairy doors, it was all eclipse by the mention of sickness. Hope all is well and if it's what I think you meant, I'm sooooo happy for you!


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