Monday 29 June 2015

Sunshine, Sunny D and Keeping Hydrated

I'm always on the look out for fruit juice drinks that Aaron will love. Yes he does like and drink water, and for 5 years has drunk milk (dairy free) everyday, but like most children, enjoys something "juicy" especially when it's hot and sunny! I have never allowed Aaron to drink fizzy drinks and thank God he hates them anyway. Personally, I think fizzy drinks are linked with obesity and tooth decay.

We recently went on a mission to find Sunny D. Aaron looked high
and low:
We eventually found it in Tesco, (clever Daddy thought of looking in Tesco Express so that our journey time was halved) and being that Aaron's always thirsty after school it went down very well.
I was anxious to see if Aaron would actually like it, as he rejects things within one taste if they are not up to scratch. I'd read up on the product and felt optimistic he'd love it and he did.

All he wanted to do after that was play Frustration in the garden, so I poured us both a glass and enjoyed the opportunity to sit down for a while in the sun and fresh air.

It's a game I also owned and played as a child, but they've modernised it quite a lot. The "game" is still the same though. Thank God I enjoy it as he is insisting on playing it every day at the moment. Aaron being an only child (for now) means it's me that becomes the playmate!

Whilst I poured the drinks and put the school bags down, he rested on our swing seat in the garden - he copies my ability to relax ha ha! He also has the ability to sleep-in in the mornings - another thing I think he gets from Mamma. Maybe that's how he is able to keep going at the pace he does because he knows when and how to relax.

He takes the game really seriously and woe betide me if I win, as all it means is we have  to play AGAIN.........
There was a Summer Party at Aaron's school this weekend and I took part in Crowd Zumba despite being pregnant........

I'm only 9 weeks but look like 20, so it wasn't easy BUT I can't listen to that music without moving so I headed straight for the stage and did the whole 30 minutes. Well actually Aaron was so worried about me, he pulled me to sit on the grass for the last song. I've always thought he and me are telepathic but that REALLY confirmed it, as I was just inwardly thinking "I am flagging" and within SECONDS of that felt him pulling me. Bless his cotton socks.

Upon sitting on the grass I reached immediately for the thirst quenching Sunny D, exhausted after the Zumba:
I didn't get to drink all that much before it was snatched off me, further proof that he loves it as there were plenty of drinks in my bag:
We had a very hectic busy weekend and I was very proud of Aaron. He kept pace with me, and somehow, despite having terrible 1st trimester tiredness, I also kept pace with him.

At the event we went to Sunday he kept wanting to go upper deck on the bus, which was actually a great thing, as it meant I got to put my feet up - phew!
But back to Sunny D. The flavour we have tried is Tangy Florida but I can't wait to try the others. Tangy Florida tastes tart rather than sweet but Aaron loved it - he doesn't eat that many sweets so thankfully he still has a normal unspoilt palette. It's a similar taste to freshly squeezed orange juice but without the "bits" which Aaron would hate anyhow. I bought him a smoothie at the festival yesterday and he rejected it as he could taste the pips/seeds from the berries.

Reading the ingredients, Sunny D does actually contain sugar, and I am glad about that as I always avoid "no added sugar" drinks; one, because they TASTE artificial and two, because I have really strong feelings on things like aspartame (which thankfully Sunny D does not use).

The other flavours are Smooth California and Juicy Orange Passion.

To buy Sunny D, and try it's new recipe you can go to
One Stop

Tesco sells Sunny D online: Smooth California£1.27 for 1 litre.
They also sell it in cartons: Sunny D Florida 3 x 200ml

Sunny D has regular competitions on its website here: Sunny D competitions and has a very active Facebook page.

There are lots of tips and tricks like How to Scoot to School on their website.

Sunny D's history
Sunny Delight became Sunny D in 2012 and now contains 15% juice and added vitamins A, C, D & E. There are no artificial colours or preservatives added to our juice drinks.
Sunny D has now been part of Orangina Schweppes since 2011. The group has a rich history over several continents, and goes back as early as the 18th century! Europe remains at the heart of the business but products are enjoyed in over 60 countries, reaching Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Sunny D was created in 1963 in Florida by Howard Dick and Phil Grinnell. They made the liquid sunshine that is Sunny D!

Disclosure: This post was a collaboration with Sunny D. However, all words and opinions are my own (apart from the "history" text above). Both myself and Aaron genuinely loved the product and will be purchasing it again so that we can taste all of the flavours!

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  1. It looks like you have been having a lot of fun...
    Ahh! I remember Sunny Delight from years ago....It was so bad! It sounds like they have changed for the better :D x

    1. Thanks for commenting Kim. Yep they've had an overhaul and I actually really genuinely like it. I am very very fussy with drinks and sugar replacements/flavourings xxx

  2. I remember Sunny Delight being really very artificial and full of nasty stuff so I was interested to read your review. I'm still not sure I'd go out and buy it I must admit.
    Thanks for sharing your review over on #TriedTested this week x

  3. My mummy remembers Sunny Delight from years got a bad rap and we can't remember why. Maybe as a treat I'd be allowed to have some! Nice review x #TriedTested

  4. Sunny D has changed a lot since I was young. My boys like it too

  5. Boo loves juice when it's sunny and no doubt will ask if we can pop to the shops later for some :) I remember Sunny D when I was a kid!

  6. I had no idea they still made Sunny D, I used to buy it for my oldest when he was little :)

  7. Got to be good to keep hydrated - haven't had Sunny D in a long time.

  8. Sunny D used to be so many e-numbers in a bottle - sounds like they've made changes for the better! Love the photo of him in the car - so cheeky! xx

  9. I remember Sunny Delight! Loving that Routemaster bus!

  10. I loved Sunny D as a child. There was so many different flavors! I haven't seen them in years though and I have a serious craving now!

  11. I use to love Sunny D as a child i remember when it first came out and i use to make my mum buy it all the time and she use to have go to so many shops to find it as it kept selling out x #triedtested

  12. I didn't realise Sunny D was still being made. My two love juice as a treat and I'll have to see if it's sold round here.

  13. I haven't had Sunny D in ages -I might have to grab myself a bottle next time I'm at the shop.x

  14. Aw I didn't know you were pregnant, congratulations!! Hope you're feeling well. I haven't had Sunny D for years! I'll have to try it...I bet mine would like to have a go playing Frustration too!

  15. congrats on the pregnancy! morning sickness is the worst isn't it, just come out of it myself! x

  16. I had forgotten all about Sunny D - havent seen it around for years!

  17. I'd be interested to try Sunny D now, I remember many years ago when Sunny Delight first come out it was known for not being very good for you! It's great to hear they've re-vamped the recipe xx


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