Wednesday 8 July 2015

Bounty Mum To Be Pack Not Worth 15 pounds. An Open Letter

Dear Bounty,

You were part of the tapestry of my new life as a Mum. 

I carried my Yellow Book everywhere with me everyday and what kept it clean and tidy, in my rucksack, was your Pregnancy Notes Folder, with lots of exciting literature. Marketing literature yes, but very exciting to read as a first time new mum. Here you created the first yellow square on my Bounty patchwork quilt.

I had a traumatic C section at 21:24 and all my husband was allowed to do was join me in the recovery room, accompany me upstairs and then alas, visiting hours meant I was then all too soon alone, despite being numb from the breast down, due to a full and effective spinal block.

Your newborn bountiful pack, was an exciting thing to have next to my bed at this lonely time. It provided me with a sample of the non bio washing detergent, which I later discovered was the only thing I could use with Aaron's eczema (which he's since grown out of thank to vigilant care and attention). You also provided try before you buy samples of bath products which were the first products used on him after the initial water only baths. I think there were wipes and Sudocrem etc... too. The pack was indeed bountiful therefore living up to your brand name. 

So here you provided the next square on my patchwork quilt, a pink one.

When Aaron was only two days old, your Bounty photographer, with a sunny disposition bounded into our open ward, and took great care and attention in taking a beautiful photo of my son. A photo I still treasure to this day. I was so grateful I got the biggest package and multiples of it too. Such is how another yellow square was created on the patchwork quilt you wove into the tapestry of my new life as a Mum.

There was a red mark on his eye. On the order form the photographer promised to edit it out pre-printing. She was very thoughtful and said it was no problem. I was impressed with her loving nature and trusted this would be done. A pink square sprung up on my new quilt.

When my order came, alas the pink mark on his eye was still present. It was an issue due to the money I'd spent, the fact that the image was to be on his birth announcements and a broken promise. I rung and a no-quibble re-print was agreed with me being allowed to keep the wrong ones. With a huge extended family in Ireland and the red mark barely being visible on the small keyring photos it meant I had a few spares to play with. Yet again I felt loving feelings towards Bounty and a blue square for my blue bundle of joy sprung up on my growing Bounty patchwork quilt.

The reprints arrived very soon. I'd ordered a CD so I would have a digital image to upload to photobox for the birth announcements. You can see the birth announcements in my PhotoBox testimonial video here:
Such it was, that a purple square was created for my Bounty quilt. The love and joy of his arrival was now posted far and wide across England and Ireland, with Aaron's smiling face, courtesy of Bounty adorning many sideboards. This pic was testimony to how alert, big and full of life my two day old son was. Nobody could ever doubt my memory as to how young he was. It was taken at "days old" even though he LOOKED weeks or months old. The Bounty photographer captured the very essence of him, which given I could hardly move, post C-section, was not otherwise a possibility for me.

Fast forward, and Bounty was at the brunt of a social media storm, where people were demanding they be banned from hospital wards. It gathered a lot of support particularly on Mumsnet and MANY blog posts and tweets were posted on the back of it. My friend Claire decided to say NO to the mutiny and I sided with her. She blogged about it too. 

By now my completed Bounty Patchwork Quilt was firmly part of the tapestry of my life and there was no way I was going to see Bounty getting this abuse, which I deemed undeserved (purely on personal experience) and ignore it.

Unfortunately, people didn't just debate the issue on Twitter, but fell out. Being MrsC blogged about it.

Fast forward 6 years and I am pregnant again. All I was concerned with was finally meeting my Midwife for the first time, and getting her assurance that my 1st scan would be imminent.

I met her this Monday and it was amazing as as she spent nearly 2 hours with me.

In addition to my yellow book (which incidentally is now orange) I got my bounty folder which is to provide a plastic wallet for the book.

I was shocked that there were only a few samples in there (mistakenly I think I must have been subconsciously comparing it to the newborn hospital one). Anyhow I Instagrammed my pic and got some VERY interesting feedback on there. The samples were Bepanthen (which is amazing stuff by the way), Pregnacare (which I take every day) and decaf teabags.

I sat on the sofa and went through every single leaflet. I was thrilled to find a form stating that if I completed it and handed it in instore at Asda, Boots or Superdrug I would get a Mum To Be pack with contents worth "at least" 15 pounds.

Such was my excitement at reading this, I insisted Daddy drive to Boots after the school run. It wasn't at all convenient but I was in a "I'VE SEEN MY MIDWIFE" excitement bubble and I wanted to ride that rollercoaster.

I completed the form, thus giving Bounty ALL of my details (which they are well known for selling on allegedly), and gave it to the lovely lady in Boots who handed me my pack.

I got it home, only to find that the only try before you buy sample was a 10g TINY pot of Sudocrem.

Now I class this as:

  • misleading
  • an infringement of advertising standards
  • a breach of their own statements on their own site
  • a trading standards issue due to the mislabelling of the pack.
I tried my hardest to find a way of making the contents add up to the stated 15 pounds but:
  • The Baby Product Guide states "worth 3 pounds" on its cover (but is an excuse to print money as it is effectively full of product adverts that the manufacturers/brands have paid to have featured)
  • There's a free Pregnacare pen but I would not personally put a value on that as much as I swear by the brand.
  • There's a "graze" voucher but it even states "try a box for free usually 3.99 pounds". Now this would be beneficial as I am grazing nonstop since pregnant, but I have received about 5 of these vouchers in the past year (and am yet to use them) so do not class it as of value, personally.
  • There is a 10g tub of Sudocrem, but it is so tiny I would class it as the equivalent of those free perfume samples you get from the beauty counter - they don't have a value do they?
People on Twitter, including Nickie have asked me if there are money off vouchers that add up to the equivalent of 15 pounds, but no, there are not. Yes there are a couple on the back of the Sudocrem, but nothing of great significance.

I have read up on the issue on lots of forums and people have stated there USED TO BE a 20 pound voucher for Ocado. THAT would tip the contents of the bag into meeting Bounty's claims of "contents worth at least 15 pounds" but people online expressed that it wasn't really of value as you had to spend 80 to redeem it.

To prove that Bounty was once doing a Mum-To-Be Pack of value, you only have to look at this video:

This video, along with comments online, give a big-up to Asda as they add their own gift to the pack, when you hand over your data on the required Bounty form. I don't think this is currently fair on Boots, as people not only feel disappointed on redeeming it there, to find that they've missed out on the Asda gift, but with the current below-par Bounty Pack, they are more likely to Google this and discover this fact. So Boots, who I am quite loyal to, are doing Bounty a favour by stocking and issuing the packs, only to disappoint lots of Mums to Be like me.

Anyway, I think the video makes clear that there USED to be some nice bits in there, which there should be as Bounty clearly states on their site: "Your Mum-to-be Pack is stuffed with try-before-you-buy samples"

I do not think it is ethical or right of them to state this when it is (currently) far from true!

Having been a HR Manager for years who specialised in Employment Law, I tend to believe and hold great stock in the written word. If a form tells me, exchange this at Asda, Boots or Superdrug for a pack with contents worth at least 15 pounds I tend to believe it. If the pack then states the same on its bag, it's further reinforced and so the disappointment ensues.

It doesn't help that I managed our Customer Service Team, so again, hold great stock in the written word, having spent hours pouring over trading standards and the sale of goods act literature. I know this pack isn't sold as such, but allegedly they sell our contact details, and my price for that is for them to live up to what they've promised me.

So, with my first baby, Bounty piece by piece made me a patchwork quilt, lovingly made of squares that they embroidered with great service and value added to my life.

This time they have annoyed me beyond measure and thus far have not replied to a single one of my MANY tweets.

A blogger who takes this Bounty Mum to Be subject on eloquently discusses it in this post here: Bounty Mum To Be Pack. So as you can read, she got the catalogue, pen and graze voucher like me, but ALSO received the Ocado voucher, so clearly over time, the contents get less and less.

What gets my goat about this is their byline is


When clearly their actions are


If the brands who supplied the plentiful try before you buy samples gave them in limited quantities which are now out of stock then Bounty need to either:
  1. admit that the Mum to Be Packs are out of stock, or
  2. do away with them, and focus on the pregnancy folder and the lovely bountiful pack in hospital (or is even that now lacking)? or
  3. make a NEW sealed bag and NEW data collection forms, that do NOT promise that the contents will be worth at least 15 pounds.........!!!!!!!!!
Bounty THIS is how you make a decent pack of value:


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Must have missed that one.

    Boo to the Bounty packs. I didn't find them that great first time round (4 years+ ago), but would have said the claim is totally overegged. Mind you, first time round, there were never any in the stores I went to - annoyingly, I can't seem to stop my emails coming either - although at least now they've got the right age of my son which they didn't just after his birth.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I must catch up on your blog. x

  2. Thank you for linking to my blog :-) Glad to see I'm not the only one who was infuriated by the misleading Bounty pack! all it's served to do it put me off Bounty.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and best wishes for a more positive birth this time around xx

    1. My pleasure. It was reading your post that confirmed to me that my dire pack was not just a one-off or a picking/packing error at the warehouse. Loved how calm and articulate your post was. Thanks for noticing that I had linked through to you.
      I really really don't like being lied to or mislead in writing - absolutely detest it. You are clearly a like-minded soul as you say "infuriated" above. Some people on Twitter have said to me free is free but (1) they are getting my data, to sell on, I expect something in return and (2) I expect to get, no less, no more, than they promised in writing in 3 places (on the data collection form, on the sealed bag of contents and on their own website. Also on Instagram on hashtag #BountyPack it clearly shows pics like 56 weeks ago, of how good the pack once was. If they can no longer do it as advertised they should do a moratorium on the packs, until they have recruited sufficient brands to be present in the bags once again, or just say they are out of stock or just focus on a really good newborn pack. Them 100% ignoring me on Twitter has made it so so so much worse. Made me more determined to shout louder in fact.

  3. Here here, I'm not one to complain about free stuff but it was seriously just a load of recycling and a pot of sudcrem x

    1. Yep, you say it concisely and to the point - exactly that xxx

  4. Oh dear! What a let down! I have literally just picked up a Bounty pack today! Not for me but for a friend who was feeling big and uncomfortable and couldn't make it in to the pharmacy to collect. I hope she doesn't feel as disappointed. But on a happier note - congratulations on your pregnancy!!! xx

  5. I've never liked Bounty, they take advantage of new mums in hospitals and they are just after contact details to spam you with more advertising later. I refused to accept the packs with my twins.

  6. Oh dear, that's a bit misleading.It's always better to under promise and over deliver.

  7. Ohhhh dont get me started with Bounty grrrr not a fan I missed out on them first time as my daughter was born 10 weeks early they never bother with things like that then on the 2nd nope nope nope bigggg nope,such a load of rubbish and a money scam. Even till this day I thing the Bounty photographer should be banned. The packs are shocking what if you have a prem like I did nothing into.

  8. What a shame that they have gone down hill. I loved my Bounty pack when my son was born but when my daughter was born, it was distinctly lacking in everything. I was slightly disappointed then but it sounds like they have got even worse. Such a shame. Maybe the Sudocream you got contained minute traces of gold in it?

  9. Wow, they have gone downhill haven't they? Bounty have been around for decades, and it is such a shame that they've been reduced to this. I can't remember now if I got a Bounty pack when Liam was born, I don't remember anyone coming onto the maternity ward either. xx

  10. I was so unwell that I left the bounty packs in the hospital I was given! I think that anything free is a bonus, but there advertising really needs looking at as it is very misleading.

  11. Congratulations on the pregnancy - I don't have children so have never really known much about Bounty bar what I hear from others and is very mixed I have to say. x

  12. I'm so sorry you're so disappointed. Let's hope they up their game soon xx

  13. Oh dear, how disappointing for you. I can't remember what the Bounty pack was like when my daughter was born - or if I even got one!

  14. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I would say try not to get wound up by things that don't really matter though x

  15. Congratulations on your pregnancy. When I had Abbey, albeit 22 years ago, the Bounty packs were jammed packed full of goodies such as marmite, toothpaste, sanitary wear, sudocrem, nappies etc and great money off vouchers. As the years have gone on I have been disappointed with the lack of goodies although the book was good

  16. When I had Georgie last year, I found their photography session approach a bit in your face. We were just back from the labour ward, I was totally wrecked and the baby hadn't even been given a bath, yet she was insisting it would make a good picture. I didn't think so and neither did the other mums on the ward. I think this is a scheme that has seen better days and should maybe be put on hold for now.xx

  17. Goodness, what a load of rubbish. I can't remember what was in mine 6 years ago but sure it was more than that. I have to admit that I don't like Bounty and they annoyed me coming around the hospital ward - I didn't know it had been a big point of discussion. I hope they do respond as that is poor!

  18. I remember them having more in them than that - but has been 4 years since my last so it seems it has gone down hill!

  19. Huge congratulations on your pregnancy, how fabulous! It's sad to read this, I remember c.4 years ago the Bounty packs being full of useful products - less so towards the end. Hopefully it's just a one off :)

  20. congratulations on your pregnancy, i dont understand where these packs have gone , i remember getting them throughout all of my prvious pregnancys but not had one this tme around

  21. Congratulations to you! My first Bounty pack was give to me 19 years ago and I loved it. 3 years ago I had my last lot with Pickle's pregnancy and yes, I was disappointed! Kaz x


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