Monday 28 September 2015

Living Arrows - Week 39 of 52

We all go through the phase where our babies are all of a sudden a toddler and we're gutted the baby days are over. Then all too soon, one day we look at them and our toddler has become a small person, a boy, who doesn't at all toddle any more but rather strides with confidence. I did not realise that there is another stage. When the small boy, becomes a big boy. I didn't realise how much this would take me by surprise. Sometimes the transition is so gradual that we only see the change when it jumps out from a photo. Yet, when I TOOK the photo I did not notice it. I thought I was taking a pic of how nice he looked in new clothes - an outfit his Godmother Aunt had given him for his birthday, that I recently found in a tidy up.

Such it was this weekend. When having a cursory glance through my pictures this one took my breath away. My lil boy all too soon looks like a young man
I love how he rocks skinny jeans, so much so, that they're the only sort I buy now. The gifted outfit was actually this shirt with a matching jumper tank top. He's not wearing the tank top as we got amazing weather this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, totally out of the blue, despite October being nearly on our doorstep. It's like the weather Gods want to say sorry for how hit and miss August was.

The other thing that's happening over here is that we're back to Football club AND he is finally old enough for school after school clubs, so we have that too, which funnily enough is Board Games, which is so perfect for him.
When Daddy tried to buy him football trainers, he opted for these Spiderman ones from Brantano - you know the sort, the shoes that light up  in the heel with every step. So my lil man is not a grown up at all after all.
And as if that is not confirmation enough, in a recent tidy up I came across his Bob dinosaur teddy - a knitted/crocheted Dinosaur and Aaron is now taking him everywhere even though he'd not seen or played with him in two years. The other night he even put 20 teddies in the bed and made me read a bedtime story to them all. So, my lil 5 year old is still my lil guy after all. Just that there are lil glimpses, every so often, of the young man he will one day become *sniff*.
Aaron you might be my Living Arrow, but for now, I am holding you close and am not at all ready to shoot you off to your future... yet!

Living Arrows


  1. Gosh, he certainly does look grown up. It's scary how fast the time goes and our children just seemingly morph overnight! I'm at the stage where my baby is a now a toddler and I'm wondering how it all happened to quickly.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. He looks so tall, lovely photograph of your son. My little Mr is surprising me all the time with his grown up conversations and mannerisms. I'm not quite ready for it yet #LivingArrows

  3. Great photos and a lovely post. I know what you mean, it's like it suddenly hits you sometimes "Where did this kid come from?!". Thanks for joining in with Living Arrows x

  4. Oh, that's a lovely post Liska. He really is looking so grown up - must be the shirt.

  5. Aww he's at such a gorgeous in between stage isn't he - flashes of the future and still quite a lot of little boy left too :)

  6. He's stunner and ikwym about seeing the man he will be xx


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