Thursday 26 November 2015

The Snowman - Peacock Theatre November 2015 to January 2016

Going to see a festive theatre show is one of the best things you can do to get in the Christmas spirit and with that being the case I cannot wait to see The Snowman. I am not a big fan of Panto, so really, The Snowman is perfect for me. Aaron wasn't sure (it's quite some time since he's been to the theatre) so I got him to watch this Snowman youtube video and now he is incredibly excited. Also, he idolises his cousins and they are coming, so he will be in his element. Plus we get to see the lovely Ruth and her kids too, which is a bonus. 

To be honest Aaron has had the ability to sit through a long theatre show since he was 2 years of age. He's seen shows at Butlins and been to Panto two Christmasses in a row, aged 2 and aged 3, so I am not worried. The show is going to be both captivating and magical, I just know it. 

So, seeing the show, will be our official start of Christmas, like cutting a ribbon to say, "Christmas is now open". But that of course makes me think of what is the other side - a new baby.............. yikes, that is the next thing on the list to get ready for.
"A perennial family favourite, The Snowman has transported a generation of children and their families into the wintery world of a boy and his magical snowman. As a friendship is kindled, the two embark on a starry-skied adventure to the North Pole, where they meet dancing penguins, reindeer, Father Christmas and escape the clutches of Jack Frost".
"With music and lyrics by Howard Blake, including Walking in the Air performed by a live band, choreographed by Robert North and directed by Bill Alexander, the stage show based on the book by Raymond Briggs and the subsequent film has become a much-loved festive tradition for all the family. With Ruari Murchison’s enchanting design and Tim Mitchell’s spectacular lighting this show will delight young and old alike with its captivating mix of dance, music, storytelling, spectacle and magic".

Peacock Theatre
Portugal Street 
Holborn WC2A 2HT

25 Nov 2015 - 3 Jan 2016
020 7863 8222
"The signature song Walking in the Air' reached number 3 in the UK charts when sung by choirboy Aled Jones in 1985. 

Suitable for all ages, The Snowman is the perfect introduction to dance for the very young".

‘One of those shows that gets me through the winter. Magical flight to a winter wonderland.’ The Daily Telegraph

This is the official video:

Bye for now, Liska

Disclosure: we are seeing the show complimentary in exchange for a review.


  1. That Santa is adorable! I am sure you will all have a really wonderful time! This is Aaron's last Christmas as a single child - I can't wait to hear about your next one when he has a lovely sibling! We are still trying here - it has been five months now. I am taking prenatals, vitamin D, chia seeds, Epsom salt baths and Luke is on vitamins too. I went out and purchased a carnelian bracelet - the crystal for fertility. Any other hints? I remember you going through all of this when you were trying!

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