Friday 4 December 2015


Gift shopping is not the easiest thing in the world if you wish to find that extra special gift for that special someone, whilst also adhering to a strict budget and keeping an eagle eye on the prices. Because of that, Christmas shopping can be very stressful and is in danger of ruining the whole festive spirit, which I guess is why some people start in the January sales 11 months before. Not something I have ever done. 2016 may be different but then again perhaps not considering I will be busy with a newborn.

But if you wish to avoid any stress and have fun without worrying about huge expense, below you will find a few essential tips to bear in mind before heading out to the shops. Read on, keep in mind and relax – I bet you will get all the gifts you wished for cheaply and without any struggle.

Firstly – shop now
Don’t wait until the last minute (or Christmas Eve which I have done many times) to get all your presents. That equals not only huge stress because you are shopping almost in a panic, but also the potential for a huge spend because you buy impulsively. If you shop right now then a couple of weeks is left before Christmas, you will save your nerves, money, and also avoid huge crowds - the other people who shop in a panic. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t start shopping for Christmas presents now (telling that to myself too)!

If you shop online – clear your cookies and browsing history
This is just essential if you shop for gifts online this year. All those innocent cookies you agree on whilst browsing the web collect information about you. Then  the real dream of e-retailers comes true. Dynamic pricing (when retailers offer different prices to different customers by analyzing your spending patterns, even location and browsing history) is growing in popularity online and this is a result of those cookies! So to avoid this marketing trick, you should clear cookies, delete your browsing history or just switch to incognito mode while shopping. This is how to stop e-retailers collecting any data about you, and you will purchase many products significantly cheaper.

Use those discounts
All those discounts many retailers offer work, and you should use them while shopping for gifts. There are millions of coupons floating around that guarantee you discounts that can vary widely. And it would be a sin not to try them out! Check this awesome coupons website, for instance. Along with just a few of these discount codes from there, you will reduce the price of any item and so save money without doing anything else. So use those discounts! There is a reason these things exist and that is not because retailers make a huge profit out of it!

Check competitors
It never hurts to check at least a few brands while shopping. You might find a huge price difference and might avoid overspending as well. This might take some time if you shop in stores, but it is surely worth it. Trust me! If you shop online – that is even better! If you find something you want to buy but don’t like the cost, just Google the product name and check out the competitor before making the decision to buy it. Often, a bargain can be just a few clicks away, and you will save big time for sure.

Know weekdays 
And finally, a simple but very essential and not so widely known tip would be to know the right day of the week to shop. Know it or not, but most stores start special offers and discounts on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. So these days are just perfect for huge selections and discounts at the same time. But that means that Saturday strolling around could be costing you money and, in fact, your nerves since many people tend to hit stores at theweekend. Avoid that and shop during ordinary weekdays for an easy stroll around the shops.

This post was created in collaboration with Chameleon John. Credit for pictures: Shutterstock.


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