Thursday 21 January 2016

Planned C Sections Can Be Delayed

38 weeks pregnant aged 42
So you're accepted for a c-section in August. Your initial appointment with a consultant goes very well (apart from the fact that he does your prescription for Aspirin in someone else's name and address). You see an even nicer consultant at 36 weeks and she explains that they have two theatres - one for planned c-sections and one for emergency c-sections, so you can feel confident about your date and time. Only problem may be that if you are booked for 7 or 9 a.m. you may get delayed till the afternoon but delays till the next day are very rare. I believe this and swallow it wholesale.

Right now, as I type this I should be in theatre or in the recovery room with a baby in my arms. I am having a bit of a sliding doors moment.

Yes my due date is 27th Jan 2016 but my baby's birth date was 21st January 2016. The hospital's policy is that I am not supposed to go passed 39 weeks. I was 39 weeks yesterday. As you can see from a photo taken today, posted today on Instagram I am huge, although I don't think the angle fully shows off the size of my enormous bump, plus every since it dropped it doesn't look quite as mahoosive as it once did.

But now, they telephoned me yesterday lunchtime. The lady voiced a huge preamble and I had a big smile on my face, as I did not sleep Tuesday night (pregnancy sleep insomnia) so I was thinking she is delaying telling me it'll be Friday instead of Thursday, and I don't mind in the least. So I smiled as I waited for her to get to the point. Really looking forward to taking the weight off her shoulders by saying "that's fine it suits me better" BUT imagine my surprise when she says it's been re-booked for Monday....  You literally could have knocked me down with a feather or picked me up off the floor or probably both!!!

Due to the weekend, a 2 day (working-days) delay means effectively a 4 day delay and it has LOTS of ramifications to our personal family plans and childcare arrangements.

What's odd or spooky is, the hospital policy is that they gave me a text week commencing 11th, to tell me what date the section would be week commencing 18th. It could have been any date that week. BEFORE receiving the text I put 21st Jan on the calendar and when the text came it WAS 21st Jan so I knew it was meant to be. I also prayed I would get 9 a.m. not 7 and I did!

So yesterday when I got the call I was confused. I was thinking "is it God's will that she's born 25th instead of 21st?" and to be more honest, because I believe in soul's and astrological charts etc... I was like "is it in the baby's/soul's best interests that her date of birth is 25th not 21st?" but then I reminded myself that Tuesday night I requested a healing. My Mum arranged it for me and we both prayed at the beginning of Tuesday night and this call had come late morning Wednesday. Intuitely I could feel that the healing had brought this change of date.
As much as the date does not work with family logistics, it works on lots of other levels. And if you think of it in terms of kinesiology, how DID my body feel when I got the news (putting the anger at being "mucked around" to one side). To be truly honest, a huge wave of relief washed over me.

Our muscles at a cellular level always know the answer to things and my muscles reacted positively to what was seemingly bad news.

Today of course, all my friends and family think I am having a baby this morning so I am getting messages across all social media platforms.

People, like Anya from Older Single Mum will know that I USED TO write a lot of poetry but I never ever dwell or slave over them. They either pour out like they've been pre-written or even a work of art takes longest 8 minutes. It's literally like I channel them. Well it's probably over a year since I'd written one.

But yet one direct message from a friend prompted me to write one. And here it is.

It's quite strange as I really truly DID connect with my baby to write it. The very second I finished it I sobbed like a baby because I felt a profound joyful connection with her. I was crying, but not out of sadness, but out of awe at the God like huge connection I could feel with her. It's the first time I encountered her full soul/spirit.

Now I know for SURE she is where she is meant to be, when she is meant to be.

Here's the poem:

Oh Sorry auntie May,
there's been a slight delay.

Hospital called on phone to mummy,
to say I should stay in her tummy.

Don't know why they made this call,
Not ideal not at all.

But now I get to stay inside,
During weekend I will hide.

I will come out maybe Monday,
Maybe then it'll be a sun day.

The frost round here is mighty cold,
I'm quite toasty but so I'm told.

So I'll stay warm and see you soon,
Chat to Mum she's a bit of a loon.

Up at night pacing around,
I hope by Monday she'll calm down.

Bye for now I'm due a nap
On Monday I'll be on Mummy's lap

My friend is a photographer and took all 3 of these photos a week ago the day I turned 38 weeks. She is
Please do not copy the photos as we retain copyright

This was me last week at 38 weeks, below. What's funny about this collage of photos is they were all taken by me. Frustrated at my severe lack of bump shots (as Hubby doesn't like taking them or rather he doesn't like my reaction when he hasn't captured quite the right angle) I decided to experiment with the 10 second timer on my camera. Had I thought of it sooner I could have had a bump shot for every week of my pregnancy...
The 3 separate photos above this collage are also me at 38 weeks (to the day), so I went from famine to a feast in terms of bump shots week 38. Then turned 39 weeks yesterday.

Bye for now, will keep you updated.

Can't blog from hospital but check Twitter or more likely Instagram 
for updates.

Liska xxx 


  1. It's such a strange thing when your scheduled date changes but I do think it's meant to be. We had geared ourselves up for our initial date and then it was delayed by 2 days. It felt so weird at first but, in the end, like you day, it was Gods will. Hope you're well lovely and I hope it all goes fantastically well x

  2. Oh goodness! I honestly believe it is meant to be too and it's not good for you or her to stress over it. I hope all goes well and I can't wait for your baby spam :) beautiful poem X

    1. it's funny, on the face of it, it probably comes across as a ditty like the sort of poem you see in a greetings card, but I made a profound connection with her as I typed it. I literally sobbed for 15 minutes after writing it. Slept better last night than I have in weeks, so I think it is certainly meant to be. Thanks for asking after me, thanks for tweeting me, and thanks for reading/commenting/caring. As you know I adore the photos of YOUR new man - he is breath takingly cute xxxxx

  3. Oh what a shock for you all! BUT I am totally with you on the timing being right for baby (numerologically speaking, even though I was born 2 weeks early & my mum had a very prolonged labour, I was born at exactly the right moment making me a 36/9 which is SO me, and I am Tartan which I wouldn't have been had she gone to term ;)) So, what will be will be, hey? Still, it's a shock when you expected it to be sooner!!

    Here's hoping you have a very wonderful weekend, able to enjoy the last few days of carrying baby girl within you, right beneath your heart :) and I shall make sure I am on instagram Monday for updates xx

    1. ah what a lovely message. Yes it certainly has a meant to be feel about it. Like I slept well last night for first time in ages and now everything is falling into place, which it wasn't at all before. Definitely a bit of divine intervention involved. Thanks for reading, caring and commenting xx

  4. Taurean even not Tartan haha!

  5. I remember being booked for an early morning C but if emergencies come in they obviously rush those in first. Ther happened to be a lot of emergencies on our day and DD was born at 5.10pm - That's alot of hours without food for me. Good luck for Monday. Those last few days are soooooooooooo long and not the most comfortable but you'll get there. xxxxxx

    1. Yes the whole nil by mouth thing is bad enough (I currently have 3 breakfasts) but to then be hungry till 5:10 p.m. as you describe, so so so not funny. Thanks for sharing though. Here's hoping I get done soon on Monday morning given that I will already be 4 days passed the plan xx


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