Wednesday 24 February 2016

Dreaming of Swimsuits and Summer

Is it just me or are the swimsuits this season very Marilyn Monroe-ish? Is that a technical term? They look like they'd be perfect for the fuller figure; perfect for someone with a body just like mine!

I went swimming a few times when pregnant, because with my Maternity Exemption Card I not only got free prescriptions and free dental work but also got free swimming. I had to pay for Aaron but it was still a great deal. Only thing was, I only own two costumes in my current dress size and they BOTH have tummy flattening properties in the front. That was fine in the 1st and 2nd trimesters but it felt very squishy to say the least when I went swimming in the 3rd trimester. If this is you, invest in a maternity swimsuit. 
House of Fraser stocks one. It's even Speedo AND only £33!!!

I was very large carrying my lil lady and no wonder given that she was born 4 wee weeks ago at 10 lbs 10 oz. Oh and by the way, she was weighed at the Well Baby Clinic today and is now 12 pounds 2 oz. Gulps! Never thought I'd see the day that I'd be on my blog in a swimming costume, but here I am (or rather was) at 32 weeks' pregnant below:
If you are carrying large, or "large for dates" as the maternity services likes to call it, then like me, the ligaments below the bump, taking the weight, may hurt. I strengthened mine by walking 30 miles a week but they'd still ocassionally hurt. What I found when I went swimming is I would then be pain free for 3-4 days after. And the relief whilst IN the water was immense. Each time we went, we stayed in the pool for approximately two and a half hours as I felt I benefited from it so much.

But back to swimwear. Now that I nearly have my body back, what would be on my wishlist....

House of Fraser has LOTS to choose from in their swimwear hub - if you click on swimswuits in the hub, you can see what I mean about the cuts and the prints, with regards to Marilyn Monroe! Several of them are currently on offer in a Sale right now too!

This swimsuit is an absolute bargain! 
and is reduced from £45 to £13.50. Gorgeous:

The Miraclesuit Oceanus Soft Cup swimsuit in black, seems like a safer option for me. Yes I may have gained slimmer legs and arms whilst pregnant, thanks to staying very active, but 4 weeks post partum I don't think my tummy is quite ready for pink paisley. The ruffles on the Oceanus seem like they'd hide a multitude of sins (and cake)! I can but dream for the Summer though, if we're talking as far away as maybe August!

Oooh I am loving the costume pictured below, the Seafolly Goddess Keyhole Swimsuit - it's £96 though so you are every inch the goddess in terms of the price ticket and the style factor. Wow. I'd even be willing to work on my cellulite to rock this cossie on the beach. Just looking at the pic of it has me sitting up straighter, adjusting my posture as I imagine myself trying to look the part.

On the swimwear hub there seems to be something for everyone, in terms of price, age group and how much flesh you want to show off. There are several tick boxes down the left hand side which you can use to filter your search. Both of my current black swimming costumes are at least 5 years old each. I'm quite fancying a new one now!

Just like with my last blog post I am now day dreaming about a summer holiday abroad with sun, sea and sand. We've never been abroad with Aaron so it'd be amazing. He's been on a plane lots though thanks to many trips to Ireland.

Bye for now, bed is beckoning as Aaron had me awake since 5:30 with his screaming due to an ear infection. In a few minutes that will be yesterday!

Liska xxx


  1. I look like that picture of you pregnant in a swimsuit and my daughter is 7! Thanks for the reminder that summer is just around the corner. *goes to dig out the ryvita*

  2. Really interesting that swimming helped you so much in terms of pain relief - I will remember that one!


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