Tuesday 16 February 2016

Go For a Run Don't Go To The Gym

Did you know that statistics show that by this week a great deal of gym newbies have kicked their new habit and no longer go to to the gym? They did January and even a bit of February, didn't see the extreme (possibly in some cases unrealistic short-term) results they'd set themselves and trailed off. 
80% of the New Years Resolutions crowd drops off by the second week of February. 
God only knows I have wasted a fortune myself personally on gym membership. It took me joining 3 different gyms in 3 different decades to decide it wasn't for me. One time I even paid for 18 months, whilst only attending the place 5 times AND it was a luxury gym that cost over a hundred pounds a month!

Ironically I did attend a gym every Friday evening after work for 6 years but that was to teach yoga from 2006 to 2012.

Finding exercise that's free, as nature intended is a better option than an unused gym membership. Whether it be yoga in your front room, or Davina's latest DVD, there are many ways to get off the couch without tethering yourself to a direct debit for a place you never go to.

How about taking up running instead? Running can even be social if you join your local running club or jog with a friend. I know a school Mum who runs at 5 a.m. three times a week.

Me, personally, I got in shape whilst pregnant by walking 30 miles a week. Now that baby bump has gone and I can see my feet I am pleased to see a pair of pins that are way slimmer than they were pre-pregnancy.

I tried to run yesterday morning (to the car after dropping off Aaron) to tell Daddy we'd forgotten his coat and needed to go back for it so he'd have it for playtime break. My bump feels like it's very nearly gone, but my C section inner or outer stitches didn't like the bounce of me running so clearly, 3 weeks post-section, running is not for me... yet!!!

Here's a great Infographic by Kudos below showing ten of the reasons that running beats the gym hands down. Couldn't be more topical now that you've realised you don't go often enough to justify the price tag. 

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