Thursday 11 February 2016

Say it With Steak This Valentine's Day at Beefeater - Emersons Green

We celebrated Valentine's Day early, in fact 11 whole days early on 3rd February. I couldn't resist the chance to go to Beefeater again and my birthday provided the perfect excuse to be wined* and dined *breastfeeding.
There's lots on the menu for couples who love hearty food (forgive the pun but it is the week of the red organ :-) ).
Hubby had the Beefeater Mixed Grill which comes with lots of bits and pieces that can be easily stolen shared. I knew he'd keep a tight reign on his Onion Rings so I made sure to order a side portion of those.

Beefeater Mixed Grill

For the perfect combo, have it all with our platter of 4oz flat iron steak, chicken breast, gammon steak and pork sausages. All seared to perfection on our chargrill and served with half a slow-roasted tomato and mushroom, crispy beer-battered onion rings, fried egg and triple cooked chips
The triple cooked chips (and also unlimited skinny chips) are unlimited so the second they said "is everything okay?" we ordered plenty more for Aaron and I to share. Neither of our dishes came with chips so it was perfect - besides, food off someone else's plate ALWAYS tastes better doesn't it?!?!?!? :-)
Beefeater Mixed Grill

For me, when I think Beefeater I think steak and they do it very well, so it's the perfect meaty option for Valentine's Day. Even more so considering their "Say it with Steak this Valentine's Day" promotion which means you get 3 courses for £19.99 at Beefeater. Click on the link to see the menu you choose from. That offer is available from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th February.


Every steak we serve is special. Why? Because we source all of our meat from farms we trust to deliver the best quality. We employ master butchers to hand-cut each steak and expertly age them for 21 days. We even train all of our chefs in our very own steak academy to perfect the grill of every cut we serve. 
That's why each steak that leaves our kitchen is nothing short of mouth-wateringly marbleous

All our steaks are served with half a slow roasted tomato, grilled mushroom, lamb's lettuce, salad and unlimited triple cooked chips or skinny fries. For a lighter option ask your server to swap chips for a salad
If you love sharing food in that romantic finger licking tapas type way, then there are a whole section of sharers on the Beefeater menu including:
  • Sharing Potato Dippers
  • Freshly Grilled Tear and Share Flatbread
  • The Beefeater Sharing Platter
  • Ribs and Wings Combo

I didn't order any starters but I did order a side salad and a portion of onion rings both of which we shared despite hubby having his own onion rings - hhhmmmmm what is it with that? ;-)

The fab thing with Beefeater is they sell warming "Pud, Pud Glorious Puds" which are perfect for the hubby as he loves anything that resembles a steamed pudding that's served with custard, except this time he tried Clotted Cream for the first time, and quite literally said he is now a convert. His exact words, that it is orgasmic! This was served with the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Last time we dined at Beefeater I had the Raspberry Bakewell which was at the time brand new on the menu. That is literally to die for:

Raspberry Bakewell

A slice of bakewell with a light pastry base, raspberry jam, pistachios and almond flavoured sponge. Served warm with custard
This time I did not have room for dessert so opted for the Deluxe Hot Chocolate which was formidable! Hit my need for a sweet tooth solution AND my penchant for having an after dinner hot drink (wasn't going to risk coffee with my newborn sleep deprivation or a hot drink with alcohol being that I am breastfeeding).
The Sundaes at Beefeater are truly spectacular and remind you of the Knickerbocker Glorys of childhood. I've had the Eton Mess Sundae at Beefeater before and can recommend it.

I love the layout of Beefeater. It means that the husband feels like we have privacy and I also feel that when Aaron is being lively he is not disturbing other patrons all of which makes it the perfect place to be romantic on Valentine's too. We sat at a lovely booth, our new family of FOUR :-) but it could have easily dined 8 people - perfect for the large family or perhaps small family dining with extended family. The table next to us were doing just that and celebrating a birthday. Our Beefeater has an upstairs and a downstairs so lots of various seating available.  For parents, perhaps try eating at 1800 like we did, either because you want to get home for bedtime, or because you have the kids with you. Being romantic and dining out doesn't have to mean a late night and it means you can get in when it's slightly less crowded. Our Beefeater likes to start setting up for breakfast at 2200 anyway.
Normally I would have been looking at the wine list but I didn't tease myself with that and it'll be something to look forward to when I am done with breastfeeding. Wow that first glass of wine will taste good considering I didn't just give up for pregnancy but also did when I was trying to conceive.
I find Beefeater to be a very wholesome/hearty place to eat as a family. Not at all rowdy and with waiters/waitresses that really make you feel at home, with a great deal of patience and a natural warmth with children. All the staff we've encountered always make a huge effort with Aaron, so he always feels welcomed and included, which is perhaps why he dances a jig whenever we go  there. Last time he LOVED the Mr Men activity book and the 4 Mister Men figurines they gave him on exit. Testimony to how great the place is, this time there were no figurines and no activity books, yet he loved it just as much and that's purely down to the atmosphere, the quality of the food and the quality of the service so no wonder everytime we go we leave a £5 tip.

If you have read my last blog post you will know that we braved our trip to Beefeater with a newborn. It went incredibly well, although it took us a long time to get out of the house. I have nailed packing all the right stuff and getting everything done on time, but it's the surprises she springs on me as we are going out the door that make me late. Thankfully this has only happened for Beefeater and for Aaron's half term Art Workshop and hasn't made us late for school yet.
As you'll know from my last blog post, our meal was complimentary for the purposes of this review. Thank you Beefeater, was great to celebrate my birthday in style especially straight after a C section and week 1 of sleep deprivation - great to let someone else worry about what's for dinner :-) Couldn't have been better timing as it cheered up the first week of hubby being back at work after Paternity Leave too.

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