Tuesday 5 April 2016

Cutting a Mixed Race Boy's Hair YOURSELF

I always swore I'd never cut Aaron's hair. I loved his curls! I loved it long! I was SO very proud when Carolin took this photo Halloween 2014.
When he started school September 2014 I cut it, but this (above) was already how long it had got at the end of October, Halloween.

I knew the day would come that he'd get a short back and sides but I did not think I'd ever be ready for it. But February I did it personally. You could say it was done in November last year but that was at a hairdressers and none of us liked it:
I lost his curls I lost the length but it wasn't funky. My cool boy looked .... hhhmmmm I don't know how to say it, but his coolness was no longer! I suppose it was good, as otherwise he'd go from looking like my little cutie, to an eight year old (given his height) which I'm not yet ready for. Especially as he is still only five years old.

Anyway, perhaps it was having a NEW baby in January that made me ready to lose my baby boy in February. But all of a sudden I DID give him the short back and sides the above was meant to be and just like I'd always feared it DID make him look older. But the trade off was that he looked dead cool:
I was SO confident with the job I did above that only a few weeks later, in March, when it got long again I cut it again. I'm even getting better at doing it. Saving myself lots of money too given that the haircut above was £12!!!

So this was his March 2016 haircut:
It's a lot more textured than if done with those electric cutters. I've got my technique down. What I do is, put the afro comb into it and cut up to the comb. I saw a barber do it on Daddy and it works. Now Daddy and son have the same hair. Short on the sides and back. Long on top! Even Grandma noticed they have the same hairstyle :-)
In order to achieve the soft deep bed of curls on top, it is VERY long. On a day a product hasn't been put on it, it goes a little straight and looks too long but you need that length to get the bushy tight curls which I am not at all ready to say goobye to. Curls are my boy's trademark.

Do you cut your children's hair?


  1. I do! And I love pretending I'm a hairdresser. Curls I quite forgiving so I just secion off the sides and chop away and leave the top long.

  2. It's a fantastic haircut. All the boys here have that style so you're right on trend. Well done. xxx


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