Saturday 9 April 2016

Visiting Barcelona With Kids

Barcelona offers a unique travel experience for families, as the locals pride themselves culturally on including little ones in a country that is known for its family friendly atmosphere. For example, if you should decide to head to a "grown up" restaurant or even a bar, you do not have to leave your children elsewhere. So childcare is not a problem. On the continent it is quite common for children to dine out late, after what would be considered bedtime in the UK. After using coupons to book your flight and your lodging, read on to learn more on how you can make your family trip to Barcelona a truly amazing one.

1. Proper Bribery

Let's be honest, small children who are on vacation may require a little bit of bribery before they fall in line with the plans that you've made. Luckily, Barcelona is jam packed with opportunities to do just that. You can head to Papabubble for delicious handmade lollipops or Taller de Marionetas Travi to watch awesome puppets. Cremeria Toscana in L’Eixample is another great spot for treats and by utilizing these bribes, you will guarantee great behavior from your little ones for the entirety of your trip.

2. Choosing A Park

Barcelona provides a wide selection of parks to help you pass the time. Jardins de Joan Brossa is a popular choice, because of their gigantic musical instruments, while Gaudí’s Park Güell offers a number of strange sights that will amuse and intrigue older children. Parc de la Ciutadella is a top choice for all ages, with acres of grass to play on and a 4D cinema.

3. Cooling Off At The Pool

Hotter days call for fun in the pool and Barcelona offers several pools to choose from. The Club Natació Atlètic-Barcelona is one of the most popular pools in the city, as well as the Piscines Bernat Martorell. Parents and children who prefer the beach can head to a number of sandy destinations, starting with the Port Olímpic marina and head towards the northeast.

4. Fair Fun

Barcelona is filled with fairs that provide countless hours of entertainment for children of all ages. If you'd like to ride a good old fashioned Ferris wheel, the Parc d’Atraccions on Tibidabo will fit the bill. Is that too laid back for your little ones or your older children? The park also has a horror house, known as Hotel Kruger, where a series of ghouls and goblins leap out from the cover of darkness.

5. Museums

Museums do not have to be as boring as your children probably think they are and Barcelona has a number of exceedingly family friendly museums. The Museu Marìtim is filled with all kinds of old ships and interesting displays and the sweet tooth in your family is bound to enjoy Museu de la Xocolata.  

Barcelona sounds fabulous. Last year B was for Bluestone - maybe I can dream that B will be for Barcelona this year :-)

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