Tuesday 3 May 2016

Overhauling the Big Kid's Boy's Bedroom Once Again

It seems Aaron's boy's bedroom probably needs attention again. The walls are all blue, freshly painted last year, with Dulux's finest and not themed in any way, so it's not that it would need redecorating, but several other things are needed. It's quite soon to be thinking this *sigh* considering his room had a beautiful Thomas The Tank Engine makeover only last year.
If I focus my mind and think, the to-do list would be as follows.
  • MORE storage. Despite the storage purchased only last year we are back to needing MORE. A lot of his downstairs toys are in his room now and to be honest they don't have a home, so it is all too easy for him to really mess up the room, just because he is looking for something. So the words "go tidy your room" are already surfacing and I thought he'd be a teen when I'd hear that. He looked for Frustration and The Shopping List Game on Bank Holiday Monday and it was chaos. I then had to play each game 3 times. Luckily after being sad at losing to me on each game of Frustration, he was then the winner at each and every Shopping List Game. 
  • Better use of the existing storage. His bunk bed has a shelf running the length of each bed. Both of these need to be fully filled to really optimise the space. 
  • A wardrobe. I have an upper and a lower rail in my wardrobe and he, for 6 years has had the bottom rail (apart from PJs and under garments, all of his clothes are hung and always have been - part of my non ironing philosophy and it works). BUT now, I would quite like to use that lower rail for Lil Lady so it is time he gets a wardrobe of his own.
  • He has a bunkbed. One bed has robot bedlinen and the other has Thomas and Friends, but I think he is at a stage where he will grow out of both of those. I think he'd love Spiderman or dinosaurs now.
  • I'd love him to have a clock. He already has a Spiderman bedside lamp.
  • The big "job" that needs to be ticked off that doesn't require any shopping to be done, is he needs to settle in his room so that he can spend a whole night there. I think his best record is 8 p.m. till 2 a.m. If you, dear reader coslept with your child, how did you bring it to an end? After five years it is a hard habit to break, but I know will be fine once done as he is so emotionally secure thanks to baby wearing and cosleeping. He's an independent confident little boy and he doesn't suffer from nightmares or night terrors. He's probably had 4 nightmares in five years. Yeah, not many. Not many at all.
  • Oh and as he gets older he's going to require a desk too! Eeeek I hadn't even thought of THAT till now! Yikes! As a parent there's always something isn't there!
I'd always planned that he'd have the top bunk and lil lady would have the bottom but I think she will go in the 3rd bedroom when the time comes and I think his spare bunk will just be for when he has a cousin or friend over for a sleepover.
Aaron was in his cot for 6 months when he was born June 2010 but that Christmas he had a cold and was so congested I had to pace around the room with him and he'd always end up with me, so that he could be elevated and breathe. I never resettled him in his cot and then a five year journey of cosleeping begun. I haven't regretted a bit of it as when he wakes up in the night, he sees me and goes straight back to sleep so I tend to get a good night's sleep everynight, (I sleep anything from 8 to 12 hours a night) which was why having a newborn was a big shock. But even that is okay now, as she is in a bedside cot, which means I just reach across, breastfeed her and slide her back. Good nights she wakes twice and both times we doze as she feeds and go straight back to sleep after, so we wake feeling as if we've slept all night. There is the odd night, like last night, where she wakes more frequently. But it's literally not a bother when you have a bedside cot. When you can reach across immediately, their whimper doesn't build into a full cry plus I don't get woken by walking round the room. Only trouble is I do need to go to the loo at least once as breastfeeding requires a lot of water to be drunk!

I can't include a current picture of the bedroom as that wall above, that you see beautifully laid out with storage is now a wall of toys. A wall of toys I need to sort and find a home for. As if I don't have enough to do with my newborn. So I am back to shopping and browsing the internet, looking for all things bedroom. I am not the sort of person to spend hours/days on Pinterest, but the one time in my life I spent a great deal of time on there was actually when I was trying to get ideas for Aaron's room. My account is very unloved, so I don't benefit from web traffic from there as other bloggers who make an effort with that platform do. But Instagram on the other hand! Now that I do love. But some bloggers DO actually genuinely like Pinterest. For me, keeping it alive would require a lot of effort. Effort I would rather spend on the blog and my other love, you tube.

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