Monday 6 June 2016

My Baby Girl's Firsts so Far at Four Months Old #PetitsFilousFirsts

You know what, when you have a baby there is pretty much a first nearly every day. I knew this, but going through my pics I know it even more. I think it's one of the reasons I was so so moved watching the movie Room on DVD, as the star of the film has so many firsts, learning about the world, which poignantly reminded me of my current journey. Seeing the world anew with my lil lady!

So here are just a few highlights.
She was born on 25th January 2016, so that was her first day in the world. Luckily her first breastfeed was in the recovery room after a c section so she latched on no problem, which after Aaron's tongue tie in 2010 I did not at all take for granted.

Aaron asked lots of questions when I was pregnant, one of which being, "will she hold on tight to my finger?" and he was anxious to experience this early on. He wasn't disappointed, as lil lady gave this experience to him immediately upon meeting him. Her precious brother who never fails to make her smile. Their journey of doing everything for each other has begun. Already I can say I know that they adore each other. It's the biggest pleasure of having more than one child. Seeing their relationship form and develop. It definitely started in utero as Aaron was such an integral part of my pregnancy.
She was a very sleepy baby, so pretty much slept all the time. It felt like I didn't really get a glimpse at her, at her eyes, at her character, until she was 4 days old. You can hear the emotion of this precious moment in my voice. It's also the day my milk came in, which is notorious for providing a hormone and tears overload. It didn't disappoint:

My c-section was postponed, which meant that by the time 1st Feb rolled around, that was already Daddy's first day back at work after paternity leave, so despite it being my birthday I had to do the first school run that day, alone. Half of Daddy's paternity leave had been spent waiting for baby to arrive, as if we were having a natural birth.
So 1st February. Yes it was tough, but the new "enhanced recovery" after a c section means I managed. First time taking two kids to school. First time using the buggy. Baby's first time on the bus. First time, after drop off, in the school breastfeeding room. So so so many firsts, and even today now it's June, there are still some firsts.

But let's take them chronologically.
First time in a restaurant. We headed off to Beefeater to celebrate my birthday. Aaron loves it there. Yes she was young but again we managed. It's amazing how much more you do with the second. I didn't leave the house much with Aaron as a newborn and I adhered to my yoga tradition of staying at home for the first 40 days, despite it being a VERY hot Summer in 2010.
March 2016 was very exciting for the lil lady, meeting lots of relatives for the first time. Being invited to a movie screening meant she came along. And you know what, she was either breastfeeding or looking at the screen. She was no bother at all. So we've been to see two more films since then.
We haven't had the big milestones like first tooth or first step yet, so that's why the firsts I am sharing with you are slightly unsual to say the least. Like this next one for example. Daddy thought it would be funny to sit our lil lady in the driving seat. Don't worry she wasn't there long :-)
First time on her activity mat and she loves it. It's amazing watching her make a grab for things. The start of "playing" although she finds ways to play without toys, like blowing raspberries and making bubbles with her mouth for example. That often entertains her.
First time in the Jumperoo was 18th May 2010, but I think we'll leave it for another while as her feet are nowhere near the ground and it is missing one bit - the joys of hand me downs from a sibling eh!?!?!?
She has got into her door bouncer slightly younger than Aaron. He was 4 months and 13 days 28th October 2010 when he hopped in, whereas she was 4 months and 1 day. She's bigger though so I really had to loosen the waist on it a lot, despite him being 11 months old the last time he was in it:
Today Sunday 5th June, it's been really really hot so we spent a lot of time as a family in the garden. Only trouble is it was too hot for baby so we ended up under the apple tree at the bottom of the garden, in the shade. The tree acted as a very large very natural parasol :-) so this is lil lady's first tree climb.
Yesterday also meant, with the help of the self-timer on the camera, that we got our first family portrait together. As a family of four. Although I did book a professional one before Lottie was born which reminds me, I only have till she is 6 months to use it! Eeek. Best get organised.
This post was inspired by Petits Filous's new product: My First Petits Filous.

Something lil lady will be ready for in a few weeks as she will be weaning onto solids at 6 months.

This post is an entry for BritMums #PetitsFilousFirsts Linky Challenge sponsored by Petits Filous.

My First Petits Filous is vanilla flavour and low in sugar - developed especially to introduce children to fromage frais from age 6 months onwards - perfect for the weaning journey. The main ingredient is milk and all ingredients are 100% naturally sourced, so you can rest assured there are no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or added preservatives. Not only is My First Petits Filous delicious, it has calcium and protein to help children develop strong bones from an early age. The low sugar content helps maintain a balanced diet during your child's weaning phase. My First Petits Filous is available from Morrisons and Asda RRP £1.59 for 6 x 47g. Available from Tesco from 6th June 2016 (TODAY).

Aaron adored Petits Filous when he was younger and soon moved onto the Big Pots, often eating 2 at a time. I used to buy two multi-packs every week for years. Despite being dairy free with our milk in this house, I do let him eat full fat dairy yoghurt and cheese. I know Petits Filous will be part of my weaning journey with Lottie. As much as I feel like crying everytime I see signs of her getting older, I actually can't wait to see her sitting in a high chair. She is SUCH a character, I know she will adore being able to do things for herself. Aaron was very young when he started to be able to feed himself with a spoon and actually was quite a tidy eater too. For newer readers who wouldn't have known us back then, this is him eating a banana. Too too cute!!!

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