Sunday 19 June 2016

My Sunday Photo Father's Day Special

Well in a few moments it will be Father's Day. The pic I have picked for #MySundayPhoto does have Daddy in it but as a reflection in the glass. Love this clever (accidental) capture...
It was Aaron's sixth birthday on Wednesday (hence the stickers above on our window) and his birthday party is on Father's Day. So with that in mind I really ought to be in bed. Very tired tonight.

Morph Suits sent me an email the other day, with a quiz: What Superhero is your Dad most Like? We did it straight away and it came out as the Hulk. That's Aaron's Dad not mine.

Anyway, we are now reviewing one of their Morph Suits and with it being Aaron's birthday they sent it immediately - so nice. It's an Astronaut one as below.

I've ended up with a pic very similar to last week's My Sunday Photo:
As you can see below the Morph Suit covers the whole body head and all!
The costume does include feet but he's wearing shoes here just to protect the Morph Suit from the great outdoors :-)
Back to Father's Day. I ordered two cards from this one for Daddy and this one for Granddad and they both love them. You can't beat a personalised photo card.

I have a #WBFathersDay easy to enter giveaway going on, where you can win 5 DVDs for Daddy this Father's Day if you follow me on Twitter @NewMumOnline and retweet this tweet:

Night night I am shattered, Liska x



  1. I love that accidental capture - it's perfect.

  2. Great photos, I hope the birthday party goes really well

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Happy birthday Aaron, I can't believe he is 6!

  4. I hope Aaron had a lovely birthday and has a fab party!
    I love the Morph Suit. Such fun x

  5. Aww Happy BIrthday! My son turned 6 too last Sunday =) #mysundayphoto


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