Thursday 20 October 2016

Regatta Outdoors and the Vogue Williams Collection

I recently got the chance to spend an exciting afternoon with Regatta which included a style consultation with Irish model Vogue Williams - was kind of spooky as it was the very same day that Mayo was playing Dublin in the all Ireland final and we were supporting the respective teams. All of my family live in Mayo on the West Coast of Ireland and Vogue is a fully paid up Dub on the East Coast:-) Luckily we didn't come to blows as it was a draw (alas at a later date there was a replay and Dublin won)! You can see my excitement at the products and colours she chose for me below. You may even recognise the pic if you follow me on Twitter as I posted it there with lots of fanfair and excitement when I realised it was featured in OK Magazine!!! 
So first of all I had a consultation with Vogue where she chose from her Autumn Winter Heritage Range of Regatta what she decided would suit me. She picked a Kizmit Hooded Fleece in deep teal (which I adore and they're now reduced from £40 to £29.95) and a Women's Icebound Jacket in deep lake (now reduced from £70 to £52.45) for me. Both the colours and the relaxed style really suited me. They were actually quite slimming too even though people make the mistake of thinking that's only the case with black. 

Regatta Great Outdoors actually organised Vogue Williams' makeovers for 4 lucky Mums that day 
  1. Me, Liska - NewMumOnline
  2. Maria - Suburban Mum
  3. Elfa - Californian Mum In London
  4. Franca - Urban Mum
    and we all feature in this great video here:

Then it was off to have my makeup and hair done so that when I put the products on I would look the part. 
You can see Vogue holding her choices up to me in the first pic and you'll notice she's also wearing the Kizmit Hooded Fleece herself. Vogue Williams is actually currently the face of #RegattaOutdoors and is a passionate advocate of their style and products. The fleece is hooded and the jacket is not, so you get that cool youthful look of having your hood out over your jacket. Not ideal when it's raining but PERFECT for the cold temperatures when walking a dog or in my case the 2 school runs I do a day, walking 30 miles a week as I don't drive. Being wrapped up is crucial and the fleece and jacket combo is a winner!!

As you'll know from Instagram, Lottie modelled one of their hats on the day, unintentionally so it's quite large to say the least but ever so cute! We've since received it in the correct size and it's gorgeous as you can see here.
Aaron also received the Regatta treatment. You can see him on the day here in his new stylish Parka jacket:
After the event we received wellies for Aaron - you'll have seen him trying them out in a water fountain with videos I have posted on Twitter (but this pic gives you some idea) - and a Mudplay Rain Suit for Lottie - wearing it being pushed by Aaron on the swing below. I got it in the Enamel Blue as to me it looks turquoise and although not a colour you'd associate with a girl, I just really liked it and it suits her. Aaron loves it on her too due to the face on the hood. He adores playing with his Sister as you can see.
Lottie's all in one jacket (Mudplay Rain Suit) is coming in very handy for trips to the park when she is not snug in her buggy's cosy toes:
She has it in the 9-12 months, which I thought may not have been a good idea as it finishes at the ankle, meaning you're meant to wear it with shoes and she's not yet walking, but equally I wanted her to be able to wear it right away, so decided to opt with that and I am actually glad I did. Just after this pic was taken for example there was a very short shower of rain and she was totally sorted as she even had her hood up, so when Aaron was running for cover and I was busy putting the raincover on the buggy she was just sitting in the swing smiling at us wondering what all the fuss was about.

After the event, I regretted that my jacket didn't have a hood so I then ordered the Roanstar Jacket in Spiced Mulberry. It's one of Vogue's style picks and you can see her in it here. She looks great in it, but it's proved to me that I need to lose a few pounds. Before getting pregnant I was a size 18 and after having Lottie I was a size 16 as my legs and arms went really slim whilst pregnant as they also did when I carried Aaron. But just like when I had Aaron, I seem to pile it back on once my baby is about 6 months, maybe due to them going onto solids but I AM still breastfeeding. Anyway, I ordered the jacket in a size 18 but it is quite snug on me. You can compare and contrast Vogue in the jacket versus me ha ha. It's reduced from £90 to £67.45.

As you can see, I wear the fleece lined cuffs down, as they keep my wrists and hands snug and I find it a little skimpy if I fold them back. The jacket coordinates with my handbag AND my nappy changing bag, so it's perfect. There's no way I would ever want to order anything in a size 20, so if I want it to hang better I am just going to have to eat fewer mince pies this holiday season and less goodies even before that during Halloween.

I love the pockets as they are top loading with a popper where you can put something safe and I often find myself temporarily putting my phone in there during those moments when I can't get to my handbag quick enough and there's also side access to the pockets too. The hood has a beautiful fur trim in the same fur that's on the cuffs and along the zip line. My only criticism would be that the fur sometimes gets in the way of the zip but I've now trained it to sit back. I've worn it in the rain and unlike my Tu jacket from last Winter it does not let the rain through so I do actually get back from the school run nice and dry and toasty.
Forgive me that I don't have hair and makeup done in this pic but it is an ordinary school run and an ordinary day and that is genuinely how I look - as I rush out the door I am lucky if I have time to comb my hair, but the jacket is practical for grabbing as my top layer, especially for someone like me who does not dry. I can't push the buggy and hold an umbrella at the same time so that cosy hood is a must. It has a drawstring toggle either side, so that I can ensure that a gust of wind doesn't pull it off either as I've had that happen with other jackets and then you're wet anyway. An added benefit is that because the fur lining in the hood is inside rather than outside, like you usually see with Parkas, it means it is SO practical when doing the school run as it doesn't obscure your vision when crossing roads and keeping an eye on your active six year old. With my Tu jacket last year I often left the hood down and got wet as I couldn't see Aaron or anything left and right of me. This is way better. I love the colour it feels very Christmassy. That was the other thing with my jacket last Winter, it was black and you know me, I prefer to dress colourfully. Colour in my clothes just like my personality.

Do check out Regatta as they have up to 60% off in their Sale and up to 40% off on some new season bits, at the time of going to print here :-)

The Regatta Great Outdoors heritage collection with Vogue Williams is to celebrate 35 years of the company.

They have a lovely active Instagram account here and can be found on Facebook here.

I'll leave you with Regatta's description of my lovely new Winter jacket as they explain it so much better and with the correct jargon too :-)

The women's Roanstar Jacket is the perfect cover-up for the colder months. It's cut with flattering curved seams, a peaked hood and a drawcord at the waist so you can tailor the fit. The waterproof and breathable Isotex 5,000 coated fabric is seam sealed to lock rain showers out and the inner is lined with low-bulk, high warmth Thermo-Guard insulation. This stylish winter parka looks the part around town or on country strolls. 
  • Waterproof and breathable polyester Isotex 5000 coated taslan fabric
  • Taped seams
  • Durable water repellent finish
  • Thermo-Guard insulation
  • Luxurious faux fur lining to hood, cuffs and facings
  • Polyester taffeta lining to the body
  • Grown on hood with shockcord adjustment system
  • 2 way centre front zip
  • 2 lower pockets with handwarmers to side
Disclosure: all of the products mentioned here were complimentary as me and my little ones attended a photoshoot with Regatta.

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