Monday 20 March 2017

Vloggers Home Interiors? Is there a Uniform?

I watch a lot of you tube it has to be said and I am starting to see themes. 

Source: Pinterest
It feels like everyone has the same headboard, or a variation thereof. I keep seeing grey upholstered headboards everywhere (on at least 5 of the big youtubers videos). 

Emily Norris has what looks to be one (it looks grey to me but not sure) and Mrs Meldrum says in this video they got their "bed" from Swoon Editions so I am guessing it's a bed and not just a headboard. I saw the Michalaks and a few other vloggers with something very similar. 

I don't know if it is an interiors trend or a vlogger trend? Do you know? 

We have an Ikea bed and it doesn't even have a headboard - I best get one. Not that I plan on vlogging in the bedroom anytime soon but it'd be nice to have the option and look the part. Oh and when I say I best get one I mean a headboard not a grey upholstered one.

I keep seeing vloggers with geometric ornaments what are they about? Honestly? Am I the only one who does not know? Are they based on the Finnish Christmas ornament the Himmeli? Except that is made of straw and what I keep seeing people with looks like rose gold in some instances and copper in others. Even my friend Hannah has one of these geometric thingies but as a candle holder: here it is on Instagram.

Vloggers all seem to have cacti or spider plants. 

What the successful ones seem to have in common is stunning homes. 

Oh and they all have prints. Prints with statements on like "it's all going to be okay". My favourite vloggers the Michalaks have even gone into business selling them: prints (I love the insufferable hipster twat one) so much so has the trend grown momentum. Now I do have a blank wall next to my dining table, where 2 bookcases were till I recently moved them, but I am enjoying soaking up looking at the blank canvas of it and everyday seeing a different potential. I tend to favour pictures of family on the wall. Yes I was arty at school, I got an A, but I don't seem the extend my gift with art to a flare with it in my home. Having quote prints on the wall.... is it a trend for keeps?

I have neither the budget not the inclination to do my home up to magazine style vlogging standard and when I do make purchases they tend to be of a functional nature like the Christmas present I got hubby. We have a smart TV and I put the bag of cables that make it smart to one side a long time ago. We've moved since then and I had no idea where it was. Our TV is obviously HDMI whereas our DVD player has a scart so in the end I demoted that DVD player to the den for cartoons and got hubby a DVD player for Xmas but not just any old one, this one is online, so it now makes our TV smart via the DVD player somehow. So now we have youtube on the telly AND Netflix. Oh how I adore Netflix, despite being such a late adopter. Oh and you haven't truly vlogged till you've watched your channel on the big screen. Wow does that showcase great editing and highlight the flaws of bad. It's enlightening though and great as you can get other things done while watching your favourites. Sometimes we watch our own, it's a super way of reliving a lovely day out and for Aaron keeps the memories alive.

Now that I have hubby addicted to youtube and Netflix on the telly box, he's not getting much else done LOL, I'd love to sort out his music. He has a very large collection all stored on different electronic gadgets and he connects them via the auxiliary cable, to his old stereo system (you know the sort, in a 3 pile stack, with a turntable for vinyl, a drawer for CDs and even two tape decks). Well just like I bought him his first mobile phone and first MP3 player and first DVD player I could also get him next generation ALL Connected Multi-Room Speakers. They allow you to play your favourite music from your CD collection, radio or smart phone straight through to your bedroom, bathroom and beyond. Now that is what I call home entertainment. These Panasonic CD Speakers sound phenomenal I think he'd love them. He'll have to wait for his birthday though I reckon.

What else have you noticed that vloggers all have in common? Interiors really is a thing now isn't it?

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