Tuesday 16 May 2017

Our Weekend

We just had a blissful weekend with lots of visitors. Much needed, I've been wanting visitors for months. Lottie, just like me, is very sociable so she thrived on the extra attention and I think from Friday night to Sunday night only cried once. Saturday we went on an amazing day out and Sunday we put on our Sunday best for 11 o'clock mass and then ended up playing in the garden, where Lottie was a very sparkly ten pin bowling player :-)
Our lawn is split down the middle by a long path which, it turns out, is a PERFECT bowling alley. Aaron and his favourite cousin adored it until Lottie kept grabbing the pins. Next time we'll have to do a proper scoreboard and find another activity to keep lil Lottie occupied. I was on the bowling team at University and Aaron clearly is his Mother's Son as he was the first person to get a strike. I loved watching him give his Auntie a high five after the joy of getting a strike - it's SUCH an exhilarating feeling!
If you follow me on Instagram you'll know Aaron had an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden on Easter Sunday, but I used Kinder Eggs (we bought a box of 48 in Costco). There were still lots left so Auntie hid 6 in the garden for the kids to find. I was amazed as Lottie actually knew what they were doing and found one ALL BY HERSELF! The last 2 were troublesome to find, so this is Auntie giving a transfixed audience some extra clues. Soooo cute.
They had a FAB afternoon in the garden they even played the Wet Head Game which I received to review last Summer. But back to mass on Sunday morning. I loved it but it was VERY HARD keeping Lottie amused for the full hour. I can't say, keeping her quiet, as much to the dismay of the rest of the congregation we didn't achieve that. Only trouble is I want to now go every Sunday so that Aaron can have his First Holy Communion and Lottie a late Baptism, but it was tough getting through Mass even with her cousin there to amuse her, so I can't even imagine what it'd be like just me and the 2 kids. I wish church had a playroom. Back when Aaron was this age we went every Sunday for 3 years, I was even in the choir. I remember it being difficult then too. Look at her though, butter wouldn't melt:
Saturday was the highlight of the weekend for the kids as there was a bouncy castle, go-karting and a rock climbing wall. Great that there were massages for the Mums too. My niece loved the bouncy castle showing off her gymnastics skills.
I loved every bit of the weekend including the Jollof Rice that Grandma made us. I'd say the highlight of the weekend for the kids though was the rock climbing. Aaron and his favourite cousin are like twins and they both had a natural ability for it. It's now made me realise that it is something we could do. We've never ever been to a rock climbing centre - this was a mobile climbing wall - but we will now. I'd love to explore this natural skill of Aaron's. He climbs the wall with ease. I remember being willowy and athletic too once - cries! Ha ha!
I'd say the highlight of Lottie's weekend was this large Connect 4. Or rather the prongs at the side of it which she kept filling and emptying with 13 polo style bits of plastic. The concentration that went into it, she must have played with it for 45 minutes easy. There was so much to do I wish we'd got there at 10 a.m. instead of midday.
But now Monday and Tuesday we're back to rainy days and our blissful weekend has come to an end so it's back into the routine of dinner and baths and bedtime. Oh and homework and reading and so it goes on. Except our bath plug has gone missing so last night I was going out of my mind looking for it and in the end resorted to hosing Lottie down in the shower :-( not the same...

Oh and when I am not here I am on Instagram and I recently reached a huge milestone over there: NewMumOnline. I'm finally on 4k followers - come and say hello :-)
Bye for now, lots of love, Liska xxx

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