Thursday 18 May 2017

Super Geek Heroes Review

I always like to make learning fun, but sadly it can be the case, with regards to school, that Reception (the first year of school in the UK) is fun, Year 1 is half educational and half fun and then from year 2 onwards it's work work work. There are days Aaron is heard to say "school is boring". Luckily though in our Year 2 Aaron still has the odd "art day" and recently we even got to go in as parents to help them make hot air ballons and I was actually there for nearly two hours. But you can't get away from the fact that in Year 2 they are doing SATS for the whole of May. This article is quite damning of Sats but I am sure it refers to the year 6 ones done at age 10/11, the final year of primary school but what of the year 2 ones? I hear rumours that they are being ditched. In our school they test the kids in batches of 4 hence them going on for the whole of May. They do more than one paper, like for example there are 2 for reading, 2 for Maths (one arithmetic one reasoning) etc... They do them in groups of 4 so they don't feel like the whole class is sitting in silence in exam conditions, but nonetheless they have had a noticeable effect on their behaviour. I was gutted to hear that one of the things they test is reading the time. I made the mistake of teaching that skill to Aaron at a very young age but then I took my eye off the ball and he'd forgotten it all. As for money I pay for everything on my card so he's not superb in that area either although at his age I myself was buying all of my sweets and knew the price of things and how much change to expect. I'd know that 50p was worth more than 10p etc and that coppers weren't worth very much (except that penny sweets WERE all the rage back then). Literally the only difference was I could fold a pound and put it in my pocket for school dinner :-)

But I was thrilled tonight when I asked Aaron to review Super Geek Heroes for me - find their YouTube channel here: Super Geek Heroes on YouTube. Also see: Info for Parents. I could hear the cartoon teaching him the time. I could see how much he was enjoying watching. I could see that he was totally gripped and he is fussy with his TV viewing.

The Super Geek Heroes are a unique group of super-kids with the tagline
having fun in turn with a mission to learn! 
Their 7 friendly super powers are derived from the 3 prime and 4 specific development areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage known as EYFS. In fact I asked Aaron what age he felt it was right for an he said ages 3, 4, 5, and 6.
The development areas and resulting characters  are:·      Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Suzi Smiles·      Understanding the World - Peter Planet·      Communication & Language - Vicky Voice·      Literacy - Jake Jotter·      Numeracy - Mille Maths·      Physical Development - Ant Active·      Creative Arts & Design - Ronnie Rock
I'm really impressed by the diversity of the content on the Super Geek Heroes YouTube channel
So engrossed was Aaron tonight watching the channel, he actually went to bed an hour later than normal and I was busy working (see previous blog post ha ha) so let it pass. But seriously if he loves it with his picky standards it's worth checking it out with your little one, especially if they are between the ages of 3 and 5. I'll try the channel on Lottie tomorrow to see what a nearly 16 month old thinks :-)

Aaron at 6 years of age (and very nearly 7) said:
It was fun and interesting. Lots of new characters. Educational. Taught me a lot of new things. (He loved the video about the continents). He also said it taught him about jobs to which I said "What do you mean?" and he explained he was talking about Paramedics or in his words "the people who put you onto an ambulance".
He actually wanted to watch all of the ten new episodes in this playlist tonight but I had to drag him away to bed. No doubt he'll want to watch the rest whilst having his breakfast. Either way, Super Geek Heroes certainly gets a big thumbs up from us.

Disclosure: this is a review post and I have been compensated for my time but all views are our own and I remain honest.

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