Tuesday 29 August 2017

FEARNE Cotton for Boots Mini Club Instore 30 August 2017

Fearne Cotton, Mum entrepreneur and celebrity extraordinaire has finished her latest project. The design and launch of FEARNE for Boots Mini Club. We were very lucky indeed to be invited to the exclusive press day. Yes, we got to meet the lady herself and she explained the design process she's been involved in for over a year. All her concerns for the range were those of a real life Mum. She wanted the range to reflect her style and to be comfortable, easy to wear, affordable, washable, good quality enough to be handed down, unisex enough to be shared with a realistic price point. It certainly has that, with Lottie's absolute favourite dress pictured below being priced at only £15 despite having an underskirt. You'll see model Arizona modelling it in my vlog below and I'm sure you'll agree it's a must have for any little girl's Autumn Winter 2017 wardrobe!
Bird dress Fearne for Boots Mini Club
The collection didn't disappoint and reflects both Fearne's personal style and that which she thinks works with kids being a Mum of 2 - a girl and a boy - herself. The collection of 31 pieces (25 at launch 30th August with a further 6 options in October) are items that Fearne personally loves such a faux fur coats, bombers and low slung trousers. In fact she loved a pair of leggings so much they had to make a pair in her size so that Fearne and her daughter could lounge in them together. 
Fearne For Boots Mini Club Faux Fur Kids Coat

Hear about it all in my Vlog of the day. Fearne is on screen from 3:12 in.
We were able to walk around a mock up showroom showcasing the range and this was a wonderful chance to mingle thereby catching up with bloggers like Counting to Ten, Scandi Mummy, Californian Mum in London, A Moment With Franca and Teen Tween Toddler The food and drinks provided were delicious but what really made the time in this showroom special was Lottie playing with Child Model Arizona. You'll understand if you watch my vlog but what a beautiful and patient girl inside and out. Her Mum was wonderful to chat to too.

Gold party dress Fearne for Boots Mini Club

Arizona models Bird Dress from Fearne for Boots Mini Club
Of course that room could only hold our attention for so long and then we were all itching to get into the theatre style seating area that would see us hear from Fearne herself. Thankfully she fashionably entered the room later than us all giving chance for photos :-) ever the blogger ha ha! I loved the practical way she spoke about the collection. You really have to hear it from the lady herself and watch my vlog. She's so "real" and "normal" if I wasn't a fan before I am now. Till now I was in the dark about all of the other projects she's successfully worked on too like a baby yoga book and cook book. Seriously check this lady out. She's storming on social media, at motherhood, at life!
NewMumOnline at the Fearne Cotton Boots Mini Club kids clothing launch
So of course, I was going to wait for a selfie with her. It didn't matter that I didn't have the foresight to book a one-to-one with her like *coughs* the Daily Mail et al but I was going to have my moment. I might have waited 90 minutes and Essex Kate was crazy enough to wait with me too but it was worth it. Do forgive Lottie's demeanour here but by this point she'd given up the will to live (or be patient) and I wasn't even disappointed in her as she'd behaved so so so very well even though I didn't have Aaron or my niece to play with (and distract her) as planned. I'd got a special dispensation to bring them but they got whisked off to the beach the lucky things and had a wonderful day out - I'm a fun Auntie so wasn't going to curtail their last minute excursion. But Lottie is as wriggly as a monkey stuck in a Dad's sock in this picture so to be honest I am just glad she is in the pic at all. Thanks for your patience Fearne and of course being that she was like that I couldn't even make small talk so it really was just that modern version of the autograph - le selfie - #SorryNotSorry #OhTheShame
Fearne Cotton launches kids clothing range for Boots Mini Club
We were able to take away a few pieces from the collection to review and given our rather Autumnal weather of late, we couldn't wait to try them. I rather love this pic of Lottie this morning at the farm with the caption Be Happy and Amazing. And the bee on Be is embroidered which is a lovely touch. The attention to detail on each and every piece in the collection goes well beyond the price you're paying to own it. Exceptional value for money I would say. Plus I am a HUGE fan of the now deceased Masaru Emoto and he claimed that you could improve water at a molecular level by putting kind loving words on it, so given the high percentage of water we are as humans, no harm having our tops emblazoned with empowering words.
Be Happy and Amazing Tee FEARNE Boots Mini Club
Today was actually day 2 of wearing Fearne. I was thrilled to see Lottie in a Fearne tee yesterday but she very quickly got an ice lolly all over it so didn't actually wear it long. She did wear it for the length of a photo shoot though she just didn't know she was modelling for Mummy. I just took a load of candid shots. Apologies that above and below the tees look a little large. Let me explain. Lottie is exactly 19 months but in many things is wearing aged 2-3 as she was born weighing 10lbs 10oz. But obviously 2-3 is roomy enough with it being so much older than her age. But Matthew the PR understandably rounded her up to 3-4 so that by Autumn she'd "grow into them". I actually don't mind as although it means they're not skinny fit, they do look gorgeous this baggy. So it's up to you what you'll want the fit to be like when purchasing. I'm sure you'll get a different look altogether if you go for the exact size your child is now :-) Anyway great thing is I reckon Lottie will still fit into these bits next year and that's fine by me because the quality will certainly see her through and the "look" is timeless. I love the refreshing colour palette that's been used for the whole collection. Not a bit of girly pink in sight.
Birds Tee FEARNE Boots Mini Club
Some final words from Fearne
Fearne said of her collaboration “It’s a dream to be able to combine two of my favourite things; fashion, and my kids. I’m a real perfectionist and the team at mini club are the same, so we’ve really pushed ourselves to create cool but wearable clothes that are affordable for parents too. Theleopard print hareem trousers are my total favourite – I’m going to try and get a pair in my size!” and as you'll hear from my Vlog SHE DID!
FEARNE is available online and in 100 selected Boots stores throughout the UK from 30th August. Prices range from £7 to £30.

You can view the collection online here www.boots.com/baby-child/kids-clothes-mini-club/fearne-by-fearne-cotton

Thank you Boots Mini Club for a lovely morning

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