Tuesday 20 February 2018

Only Ever One Black James Bond for Me

When I think James Bond I immediately think of men's suits, not just any suit, but in particular a tux, also known as black tie, also known, in full, as a tuxedo. As I am that person who often gets the lyrics of songs wrong, and not the biggest James Bond fan you'll ever meet, I questioned myself and doubted my judgement but a quick search on Google specifically "images" and all the top photo search results are indeed black tie. So little wonder that when I was digging out old photos the other day, of hubby and I, I immediately thought James Bond, when I saw the pictures of us below. If you have never ever seen your fella in black tie find an excuse. While you've still both got your looks ha ha. Seeing your man in a tux, is a wobbly knees moment for sure. We've been together 30 years this October so just celebrated our 30th Valentine's Day very recently where I commemorated the occasion by posting very old photos of us on Instagram, inspired by Tom Fletcher's pic of him and Giovanna from when they were only 15 - I didn't even know they were childhood sweethearts.  Alas I couldn't find pics of us aged 15, well at least not together, so I posted one from 1994 and one from 1996. Got hubby's permission as he even old-style scanned them for me. The Instagram post of our old pics has had the highest amount of likes I've ever had on Instagram so far. But back to the tux and *my* black James Bond. I've probably only seen hubby in a tux less than 10 times as we don't have cause to wear evening wear nearly often enough but each occasion has been more than memorable.
I am going to have to get the camera out again as I just remembered another night of evening wear. Wait there. This was from a Summer Ball at University probably circa 1993 or 1994 or perhaps even 1995 as I am not good at dating things and stupidly don't hand-write the date of pics on the back. We actually went to the same school and the same University. Hubby now this time sporting the less traditional black tie look, by coupling it with a double breasted blazer. I think it looks amazing. He took a less traditional slant on what he wore for our wedding too, wearing a red velvet blazer so that he could match our bridesmaids. Not wanting to be one of those grooms who is over-shadowed by the gasps at the wife's dress. Wasn't any old jacket either as he got it, for top dollar, from Jermyn Street, the famous Piccadilly spot in London known for men's suits. Spookily enough, it's not irrelevant that I mention our wedding as we did indeed get married in the same church, or rather Abbey, as James Bond. I won't say which one, but suffice to say it was EVEN in the same year, with him getting married in the August and us in the October. He even wanted to book the car we had but it wasn't available, or rather the bride who'd booked it, wouldn't give it up even when he sent her a case of champagne #sorryNotSorry and there's a little bit of gossip about how stubborn us Irish can be. Oooops I've given a huge hint, yep we got married in Ireland.
Hubby has never done it but White Tuxedos it seems are a thing too. I've seen they are still available on Suitsmen. I Googled to see if James Bond has ever sported a white tux and this GQ article happened to come up: 
where it is Daniel Craig sporting the white tuxedo. Interesting read as I didn't know there was an imminent James Bond movie in 2019 but do remember all of the discussions as to who the next one would be given he'd previously said he'd never do it again. Who do you think of when you think Bond, James Bond?  I think Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig in that order.

What is often discussed is whether there will actually ever be a black James Bond and the article I have just linked to touches on that subject. Floating Idris Elba as the natural choice, so natural in fact that he'd be Bond first and black second exactly as it should be. The same GQ article goes on to float David Oyelowo as a less likely but possible choice. In this age of increasing diversity I actually LOVE that GQ gives two black actors as contenders. I bet there are a few more who'd like to be on that list though. GQ poses the following damning reasons that David sadly gets a big "why not"
Oyelowo is a brilliant actor but Bond requires more than mere acting ability: you need a style, a presence, a killer touch. Looking down Oyelowo’s filmography it’s hard to find a role that screams “Bond-in-waiting”. He feels more MI6 staff than 007. Also, and this sounds petty, Oyelowo is 5 foot 8. Bond can certainly be black - but short? Granted he’s no Nick Nack but still feels wrong.
Reasons too are given for why Idris cannot do it, namely his age. That therefore rules my hubby out too then, damn! But a girl can dream!

Anyway I am no Bond girl myself by any stretch of the imagination and every James Bond needs one (or coughs, more than one) of those. 2018 is the year I am going to work on my appearance though, but dieting isn't quite on the agenda as I am still breastfeeding despite Lottie now being 2 years of age. Current efforts are merely putting on lippy and jewellery and brushing my hair BEFORE the school run.
Thanks to the kids we don't get out much anymore and I hardly ever dress up, but I was delighted that I did find a flattering dress in Marks and Spencers in November that I wore for both Lottie's Christening and her turning two Princess Birthday Party. So at least I have had a relatively recent cause to scrub up one of them even being in 2018.

The Christening I've been planning for months that I finally pulled off with mucho help from my nearest and dearest. The Belle of the ball was a wee beauty and had Mummy remembered to give her an early night after Noah's Ark the day before and her usual Weetabix at 10 am the day would have gone without a hitch. But once she'd shed those tears and eaten a ham and cheese sandwich on the altar no less she was baptised and good to go. Anyway she had to be like a baby being baptised (if Mummy had done it when she was a baby) and they all cry don't they?!?! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£Head in water equals tears right it's par for the course. But damn the food and dancing were good. Well done Grandma and your kitchen helpers. Loves ya all. And my lovely God Parents and guests. You were all amazeballs. Oh and Daddy next time you want to sweep πŸπŸ‚πŸƒchoose your moment 😁 . . . . . #Christening #Christian #church #thatsDarling #myHappyCapture #MyGirl #Motherhood #MotherAndDaughter #22MonthsOld #MyBeautifulGirl #UKParentBloggers #Baptism #IGMotherhood #InstaMum #LionessMama #PerfectAndProud #MotherhoodThroughInstagram #MotherhoodRising #MotherhoodAlive #MotherhoodInspired #worldoflittles #MotherhoodMoments #MotherhoodSimplified #lifecloseup #developinglife #cherisheverymoment #documentyourdays #candidchildhood #SpendItWell
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