Wednesday 9 May 2018

B-Sensible Breathable and Waterproof Fitted Sheets Review

In March we were sent B-Sensible fitted sheets: a white "high" (for 25 cm to 40 cm thick mattresses) double fitted sheet for our bed, two blue singles for the bunk beds and one pink one for Lottie's cot. I finally got the fitted sheet onto our bed on 3rd April so am definitely now in a position to speak from experience regarding what these new sheets are like. I don't really get much from unboxing type reviews where people haven't really experienced the product much before claiming to have a voice of authority on it. As of 3rd May the breathable and waterproof B-Sensible fitted sheets are now also on the bunk beds and Lottie's cot too. It wasn't on purpose that we enjoyed them for longer than the kids. I've just been in a bit of a funk so was a little tardy with getting it sorted BUT my bed invaders as you see below HAVE enjoyed the new bedding after all.
As you can see above I often end up co-sleeping with my two, so these B-Sensible sheets, also referred to as mattress protectors and waterproof sheets are perfect for any accidents that may occur. It is a big job to unzip the cover on our IKEA mattress to wash and dry it, so I do like it being saved from soiling wherever possible, especially as not all stains wash out. Lottie's arrival kind of set Aaron back with regards to being in his bunkbed as he likes to be equal to her and didn't like that she was in my room when he wasn't. The ideal scenario would be for him to be in the top bunk and Lottie in the bottom. Once I night wean her that is something to aim for. Or there is always the possibility that I get organised and decorate the 3rd bedroom for her, after all if I was to have done it text book style (which I never seem to do in my version of motherhood) she'd have only been in our room for 6 months.

We actually treated ourselves to a new much needed duvet cover to go with the new bottom sheets from B-Sensible. Our duvet and duvet cover is King Size but our bed is double. A while back I treated us to a hypoallergenic expensive King Size duvet (larger than the bed for maximum coverage LOL) but at the time only bought one cover. As all of our spares are doubles it means when our King Size goes in the wash it has to be washed dried and back on the bed same day which is a headache so it was about time we got a new one. As it is Summer I couldn't get anything quilted, so managed to find something that recreates that 3D look but in a cotton way - I love it.

I laugh everytime I refer to these fitted sheets as bottom sheets due to their ability to deal with leaks from little bottoms. There's actually a youtube video which shows how effective the sheets are at preventing liquid going through. I need to try that in real life.
I was a bit apprehensive about sleeping on what I thought would be rubbery waterproof sheets but I really needn't have worried, as there is so much more to this brand than the concept first belies. The sheet is thin, smooth, lightweight and papery, literally "paperweight" and not at all rubbery. Yes the side that faces the mattress does feel like plastic to the touch but the side that touches your body is cool and refreshing. They refer to that as a "cosmetic effect" and describe their sheets as "smooth" and "technical textile that acts like a second skin". All 4 of us have now slept on the product for a month and we all wholeheartedly loved them. We have tested the water proof aspect and to keep modesty intact I won't mention any names but suffice to say it wasn't me, Daddy or Lottie. I'm not a person to limit drinks after a certain time as I believe hydration is important and it sometimes means the odd accident is inevitable. But the sheet coped with it and saved anymore stains on my mattress. What the brand says about "odour-reducing" I can also certainly attest to. I LOVE that they can be washed at high temperatures (the white even up to 90 degrees) and even tumble dried.
Aaron had eczema as a baby and grew out of it. Daddy still has it. Aaron has twice had bad rashes as a result of spider bites and Lottie has dry skin from her African side, so the fact that these sheets form a dust-mite barrier is really appreciated. With the onset of good weather and the fact I may have hot flushes soon we also really appreciate that the sheets do not cause heat. They are thermoregulatory fabric so therefore keep you warm in Winter and cool in Summer. The extensible elasticated skirt makes bed making easy, but despite that we got a deeper one for our bed as we have a particularly deep IKEA mattress. It means you have to choose the sheet in mattress thickness "high" and it only comes in white but that was perfect for us: Fitted Sheet Protector Double White The high width also comes in Single, King and Super King. So the standard depth fitted sheet is for mattresses 12-25cm thickness and the high is for 25-40cm. It's certainly been the easiest fitted sheet to put on my bed. And no adjusting it daily when it pops off either, that is a thing of the past, pre B-Sensible.

There are so many reasons to get your beds kitted out in B-Sensible. BE SENSIBLE indeed

  1. Say hello to quick turnarounds, reduce laundry costs and time as B-Sensible sheets are machine washable and tumble dryable with no ironing required!
  2. B-Sensible bedding is made with a 100% natural fibre called TENCEL® which absorbs 50% faster than cotton and dries 14 times faster.
  3. It is the only bedding available in the UK with TENCEL® and cosmetic grade zinc oxide.
  4. TENCEL® is also a lot smoother and softer on the skin than cotton and it is made from eucalyptus and beech tree pulp.
  5. Each B-Sensible creation is waterproof, so each product prevents sweat and dust-mites penetrating in to the pillow and mattress and helps to reduce odour.
  6. The range is thermo-regulating; to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  7. No matter how many times you wash, the fibres of our unique combination will remain unchanged so long as you follow B-Sensible's simple care guide.
  8. From pink and sky blue to pistachio, no matter what colour the theme of a child’s room, B-Sensible waterproof sheets co-ordinate:

Click 'em to big 'em: zoom in on my pic of the back of the packet below - this is a really good summary of what's great about these sheets.

B-Sensible have a 30 day no hassle returns policy and free delivery on orders over £49.

I used to breastfeed Lottie to sleep and then pop her into her cot but in recent months the cot had become a dumping ground and we've been co-sleeping all night, but the day she saw me set up her cot with the new sheet she couldn't get in there quick enough and she slept for 5 hours very comfortably, on a familiar surface as we've had the sheets on our bed for weeks. Alas she then woke for the breast as I haven't night weaned her yet. I know I know, she turned 2 in January and I'm still breastfeeding. It seems B-Sensible can protect my mattress from spills of the human kind but it can't prevent me from having night visitors. Don't get me started on Aaron, he needs to start loving his bunkbed again.
For the purposes of this review we were sent fitted sheet protectors for our bed, the bunk bed and Lottie's cot. I wholeheartedly endorse this product and have been blown away by it - I haven't been told what to say at all. As you know we only agree to review products we know we might love, but these really exceeded my expectations, I'll  be recommending them far and wide. As you can see in the pic below they have a B-Sensible Baby range which includes sheets for cots and cot beds.

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